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1/48 D-day Spitfire

April 20, 2019 · in Aviation · · 13 · 2.5K

kit, thanks for looking,


Edit: too few words.

I've been making models since the late 70's. I've built so many kits that that need filler or modification, that in 2019, I'd never thought I'd have the range and choice of fantastic kits as we have these days. So, as someone that only wants to build the best of kits (you're not a real modeller , Owen!), I feel we are spoiled these days with kits such as this. I really think that this Eduard kit is the best kit available right now, and it's a . This was painted with AK real colours paints, and weathered with oil paints for washes, fading and highlights, which were available in the early 15th century, so not all modern products were used. Cheers all for the kind comments, and apologies for the lack of words,


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  1. Nice work Owen!

  2. Wow, you build a terrific miniature like that and grace her with FIVE words?

    Fantastic Spitfire.


  3. Very nice job ... love it (another 5 words) - 🙂

  4. tremendous effort...i love it (5)

  5. That looks great Owen. Do you have any shots showing the whole aircraft?

  6. Owen, Super nice. Would love to see more !

  7. Terrific control with those oils! It’s not easy to get that soft mist using them. Overall a quite impressive Spitfire! Most welcome share

  8. She’s a ‘beaut! All those years of modeling shows. Great build.

  9. Just superb. Truly excellent.

    If you like the Spitfire as a kit, you'll love their 109s and 190s. Plus, for a painter of your quality, there's lots more alternatives to do with those canvases.

  10. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Splendid work on that model Owen. Your fun time, dedication and skills towards this build can be seen and felt. The weathering is well applied … very nice.

  11. Beautiful looking Spit Owen. Well done, I like it.

  12. Wow - beautiful! Love your paint and finish work. I'm with the others - more pics!

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