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Moson Model Show 2019 – Part 2 (Aircraft, 1/48 and larger-scale propeller)

April 28, 2019 · in Show Reports · · 11 · 9.4K
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Here's our first tour of the aviation tables at the 2019 . This gallery covers propeller-era aircraft models in 1/48 scale, with occasional objects in 1/32.

Feel free to comment on and discuss your favorites.

Stay tuned for all the forthcoming other parts of this coverage from the 2019 Moson Model Show - additional galleries will be published shortly.
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  1. Looks like the level of the competition is high, as expected. The Albatros B is wonderful, suspect it’s the WnW kit? But the one that caught my eye is that I-16 with a perfect sponge applied green camouflage. Makes me think just how did the fellow managed to replicate that so realistically...

  2. Super photos super model and dioramas something for the eye and heart.
    Hans Peter

  3. The Il-2 will take home some medals.

  4. Some amazing talent on display as always...thanks for the pics.

  5. I personally liked the C-47. Superb finish.

  6. Gabpr's Gee Bee Z (photos 60-61) looks great!

    Somebody finally got Roscoe Turner's uniform right, but Gilmore the lion was dead by 1939 (when Roscoe flew the Wedell-Turner). My dad worked as a mechanic for Roscoe in 1932 and flew with Gilmore (then a year old) in the cabin of Roscoe's Lockheed Air Express. "The lion's real name was Whiskey, which is how we kept him docile." Poor Gilmore died in 1938, a 6 year old lion alcoholic.

    Beautiful models on display!

    • Thank you very much Tom. Also for the infos earlier about the Gee Bee replica (and for the stories too). This little fat fellow won a gold medal in master category for me yesterday ;). It was a great show again with great people and moments.

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

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