Naval Aviation Museum – Pensacola – FL – USA

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I had the opportunity to visit this museum on 03/19/2019. For those who do not live in the USA, I suppose it is not an easy or cheap trip. But I planned this visit well in advance, within a larger 20-day trip, visiting several cities in Florida.
For us modellers, or for ones who is just fan of aviation or simply by history, visiting this museum is indeed like a dream. Like most in the USA, it has the basic characteristics of organization, cleanliness, content, staffing, food, store, etc. However, the collection of navy aircraft that is exhibited in the museum is very extensive, from the beginnings to the present day, containing the entire transition from propellers to jets, in addition to the sequence of helicopters. All that is most remarkable about the subject is there, either whole or partially, for example a 1930s airship, used for launching bombs and torpedoes, as well as serving as an aircraft carrier. As the greatest example of military power of the Navy of any country are the aircraft carriers, they could not miss in this place, but only as scale models. There are several of these incredible works of modellers of the highest level, whose details impress everyone.
Pensacola is the city of the Blue Angels, the Navy's acrobatic demonstration squad. Through the city there are memories of them in various places, such as viaducts and bridges, as well as signs in the accesses to the urban area and even some airplanes on pedestals. The base where they train is just the same as where the museum is, and you may even be lucky enough to watch a training of them.
I only send a few photos of the more than 600 I made there.
Anyway, for me it was a spectacular, unforgettable experience, which I recommend to all modeling friends.

Modeler: Roberto Lúcio / [email protected]
Club: GPP-JG400 – Grupo de Plastimodelismo e Pesquisa JG-400 / Natal – RN – Brasil

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  1. Looks like a few new additions since I was there last...thanks for the post.

  2. fabulous post...thank you

  3. Nice! I was able to go there last year, It's a great museum, thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Roberto!

  5. Thanks for posting these photos Roberto. I hope to visit there someday.

  6. Hello, Roberto. Thanks for sharing your photos!
    I visited the museum there about 12-13 years ago. In your photo #15 it shows the propellor with the flak hole in it. When we were there, I commented something to the guy standing next to me at this particular display. I had said that the sound of that piece of flak ripping through probably sounded like a bomb going off, he said to me "Yep. It was VERY loud." He was the pilot of that plane!

    It's a small world, sometimes. @boblucio

  7. Wonderful photos Roberto - thank you.

  8. Boy that Mariner is bigger than I thought! The cutaway Catalina is neat showing off the FE station! I've always liked the colors of Marine One. Glad they have one! Gotta get down there one day.

  9. Nice pics! Thanks.

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