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To scale modeling I got back after 16 years break. It was my solution to the presence of screens problem (eight hours in work and few hours after work). I’m highly interested in aircraft (especially from the Axis Powers – also known as Rome–Berlin–Tokyo Axis).
Currently, I’m a father of two boys (George 5, Simon 3) and husband of Emily. I’m working as a statistician in one of the banks. Last year I’ve finished my PHD from International Trade on Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Warsaw. Therefore I have only a few hours (if I am lucky enough) per week to work on my models.

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Erich Alfred Hartmann BF-109G

From the Author: It was one of my dreams to build one of BF-109's. I decided to paint as The Yellow One from The Western Front flown by Germann Ace Major Erich (Bubi; The Black Devil) Hartmann. The model is Eduard BF-109G Profi Pack. Decals were[...]

Look out! There’s the little (das) Maus(e) coming!

FROM THE AUTHOR: I had got this model form brother of mine (Wiktor 16 at that time) which get it from me on Christmas (so this was nice d-tour of the kit). The kit was half-glued. A few mistakes in the suspension was noticed, but in the case of [...]

Battle of Warsaw 12-15.08.1920 – 100th anniversary

Update 15.08.2020: FROM THE AUTHOR: From time to time we have on iM an history overwiev, so I decided to share some part of my country history. The battle of Warsaw known as the the Miracle of the Vistula is classyfied as 18-th The most importa[...]

PZL P.11c 141 fighter squadron from Toruń 1939

From the author: I build the PZL p 11c form Arma Hobby (Polish manufacturer). The scale is 1/72. The paint set was Hataka set for Polish aircraft. The kit was very nice. I the price of EUR13 we get 4 painting scheme, nice surface details, maskin[...]

The first build of my son, George (4)

Hi fellow modellers, Want to share with you something big for me and for George as well. George had just finished his first model today (02.0402020). He started it when he was 3 and finished when he is 4. For the first build, I had chosen 1:72[...]

D4-Y2 Judy

From the author: I would like to present my last build (D4-y2 Judy form Fine Molds). I have to admit I thought that it would have Japanese quality. The kit has very good details and metal machinegun. But… Yeah, there is a lot of buts. The kit ha[...]

PzKpfw IV Ausf.H

From Author: This is my first attempt to airbrush modelling. It is also the first tank assembled from about 16 years. It would be used into my first diorama ever (I will release it when I have time to craft it😊). If you have any suggestions abou[...]

A brick model for the youngest

Dear all, Mabey some of you will find this post useful. I have two very young sons and I am trying to infect them with modelling mojo. I found some Revell quick build car (Older boy loves it). This time I want to share with you guys some brick [...]

Franciszek Kornicki – The symbol of RAF

Dear iM member, feel free to give me any suggestion and criticism to improve my performance in future projects. From Author It is my honour to reveal to post my Spitfire Mk Vb to commemorate Polish war hero Franciszek Kornicki. The occasion is [...]

Revell Sopwith F.1 Camel 1/72 (one of the first aircraft in RAF)

From Author: This article should be posted in 100 Years of The Royal Air Force Group Build, but due to some error, I am posting it in general iModeler page. I made the kit in 2017 (the kit comes from 2009). The most difficult part was: rigging ([...]
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