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Yak-130 Zvezda 1/72

April 27, 2019 · in Aviation · · 11 · 2.6K

Hello, colleagues on hobby! Recently finished another model. It's A from the . Combat training aircraft, created jointly by designers of Russia and Italy. It was decided to build a model of a red aircraft. He looks more impressive. As a combat option, my red training is equipped with missiles and additional tanks. I put two pilots in the cockpit, let them fly a little ))).

The main difficulty in assembling the model is its small size (~15 cm). Very thin landing gear. Who will collect, be careful. Some external sensors and in the interior of the cabin I used photo etching from Edward. Painted with Gunze Mr. colors.Color, Tamiya lacquer. The bark was isolated by washing from Gunze.

If anyone has questions, I will be happy to answer.

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  1. Excellent build, stuff !

  2. Very eye catching paint scheme.

  3. Very nice, Dmitry. I have the Zvezda 1/48 kit to do. I like the lines on this plane a lot.

  4. Colleagues, thanks!
    I want to share with you here is a device for holding the model. It can be used to paint the model without touching it with your hands. It's a Chinese stick with copper wire on the end. Soft rubber is inserted into the nozzles of the model, and the ends of the wire are stuck into it. The other two ends, like a clamp, wrap around the tip of the fuselage and inserted into the holes for stabilizers. Maybe someone will come in handy.

    4 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  5. Good looking Yak Dmitry, nice painting jig, well done.

  6. Thanks for the guidance on painting - really helpful to see how others work. It obviously works well because that paint job is fantastic. Great choice and beautiful finish!

  7. Friends, thank you for your comments!

  8. Beautiful! I love this little Yak - I bought the Amodel version before this one came out, so I may end up buying another... Great work on this - love all the detail and weathering work.

    • Greg, thanks for the feedback. But I really do not advise you to start collecting Yak-130 from Amodel. This set is of very poor quality. Suggest to buy a set from the Zvezda. I think you'll like him.

  9. Brilliant work on this and a very eye-catching colour scheme !

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