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Hasegawa 1/48 Hurricane Mk. IID

May 7, 2019 · in Aviation · · 34 · 3.6K

The was surely the backbone of RAF fighter command in WW11... though it never received it's rightful place in history, it served with distinction from the Battle of Britain, where it was flown with great expertise by the likes Bob Tuck & Douglas Bader to the North African desert...the bird depicted is of No.6 Squadron Royal Air Force..."the flying tin openers"...the IID carried two 40mm Vickers cannons under the wings...the squadron was also composed of Aussies, South Africans, Indians and Free French...they were despised by Rommel and greatly feared by his tankers and supply columns...when Rommel pushed the 8th Army all the way back into Tobruk, the last deep water port available, a 251 day siege ensued, these guys led the "Desert Rats" like Napoleon's "Old Guard" or avant-garde whose motto was "the garde dies, it never surrenders"...they were also instrumental in Monty's breakout at El Alamein all the way to the final removal of the Afrika Korps from the continent...this great British warbird has written itself into the pages of history with great pride and distinction

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  1. awesome desert hurricane - it looks great!

  2. Lookin' good Bob!

  3. Spectacular colouring, Bob. This scheme really brings something a bit new to the table. Love the underside. To be honest love the upper side, too. You can see a lot of care went into this one. Nice write up and photos, too.


    • thank you very much David...i find these British tropical schemes the CBI dark earth and dark green with those lovely blue roundels also

  4. Impressive build and film, looks great!

  5. Hey Bob, there’s 2 things I’d like to say. First, that’s a great looking Hurricane. Very well done.

    Secondly, almost 15 years ago on another forum I submitted my first ever modeling post. It was only my second build in 30+ years and I didn’t know what to expect as there were so many excellent models on that site. (Just like here.) Your comment encouraged me to stick with the hobby. (And obviously, I’ve never forgotten it.) Thanks.

    (However, I probably should blame you for the ever-growing stash I’ve accumulated.) 🙂

    • that is a marvelous story Gary…does my heart good to know…thank you so much…gave me something to be proud of…i love your work…you are a master masker…pretty work……as for the stash…guilty as health…

  6. You really nailed this one Bob ! It looks great ... The Hurricanes look good in any paint scheme, but my favorite is the Desert top colors and Azure Blue undersides.


  7. Great looking Hurricane!

  8. thank you Dale ...your marvelous

  9. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Nice work there Bob, not only a Hurricane but a Tank Bursting Hurricane !
    Very nice paint scheme and weathering.

    • thank you very much Erick...i've actually had my old monogram # 3 car out , looking it over the last couple weeks...and thought of you

  10. Very nice Hurribomber. First class weathering

  11. thank you very much Wirgilliusz ...i'm really looking forward to some more of your 1/24 scale beauties...those are a rare treat in the modelling world and very impressive when you work your magic on them

  12. Right nice job there, Mr. Mack...yessir!

  13. Very nice Bob - love the desert camo scheme!
    Your Hurricane very much looks the part in it.

    • thank you very much David...i thought of you and Harrow very much for inspiration on this great plane...i was very impressed when i stood beside one at Air & Space in person...i had a hard time moving on from it

  14. Just a beauty Bob! Having fairly recently finished my 1/72 version in similar desert colors, I'm thinking you nailed the scheme!

  15. Great looking kite Bob. If I may give one criticism; antenna wire. I just started using Uschi van der Rosten Superfine rigging thread: 0.01mm. This is supposed to be for 1:72 but I find its perfect for 1:48 antenna wire. Very easy to use, just a small dab of CA and its very secure and very stretchy. I used it on my last build I posted here.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  16. Fantastic tank-killer, Bob - love the guns! Beautifully painted and weathered!

  17. Oooo real late to the party, missed this one somehow. What a beauty. I love this aeroplane, you have aced it. Love the shading/ colors. Outstanding model!

  18. thank you very much bill and great to see you back...i mean that

  19. Great looking model! Can I ask you for your masking technique on canopies? do you polish them? They are truly crystal shiny ones

    • the canopy is straight out of the box Caudelguille and masked with an eduard mask...thank you for asking and looking and keep up your most interesting work sir

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