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On This Day…1st May.

May 1, 2019 · in Photo Collections · · 8 · 2K

Martin PBM Mariner after sinking Japanese cargo ship off Mokpo, Korea. 1st of May, 1945.

Vought F4U 4 Corsairs disembarking from USS Altamaha at Guiuan Harbour, Samar, Philippines, on 1st May 1945.

Soldiers from the US 34th Division take a breather after securing ‘Hill 609’ in Tunisia, May 1st, 1943.

Canadian-made Lancaster Mk Xs of No 419 Squadron (note the moose on the emblem, above) on the Middleton St. George air base, May 1st, 1944. The plane in the foreground marked KB 711 was shot down later that same evening during a raid over St-Ghislain, Belgium.

Reggiane Re2005 Sagittario first prototype MM494 Reggio in Emilia, Italy - 1st May 1942. This was the last of the elegantly designed Reggiane aircraft line to be built during World War II.

Lovely photo of the USS Yorktown on the 1st of May, 1964 (Bremerton, Peugeot Sound, Washington). The Fighting Lady’s career was extensive; she was decommissioned after WWII in January of ‘47, reactivated in ‘53 and took part in training excercises at the end of the Korean War.

In 1955 she placed in reserve at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, where she was to receive extensive modifications, most significantly an angled flight deck (as seen in first photo) to increase her capabilities for handling jet aircraft.

In 1968 the Yorktown was the recovery ship for Apollo 8 (photo below).

The colors being hoisted for the first time aboard the USS Yorktown (Essex-class) during the ship’s commissioning ceremonies on 15th April, 1943 at Norfolk, Virginia.

The Yorktown was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1986.

First prototype of T-35 heavy tank on parade, Moscow, Russia, 1 May 1934.

USS Indianapolis CA-35 at Mare Island Navy Yard, California; view of her bow from the starboard side, with heavy cruiser Minneapolis in background, 1st of May 1943.

...and the Indy off San Francisco, California, 1st May 1944.

Here, a massive wave big wave breaks over the USS Neosho (just look at the crew hanging on...) as she refuels Yorktown (CV-5, this time) on May first, 1942.

A German Ju 87 ‘Stuka’ being readied for a bombing mission over France, May, 1940.

P-40E Warhawk flown by 1st Lt. A.T. House (Jr.) from the 7th Fighter Squadron, 49th Fighter Group. House was an ace with a total of 5 victories, the photo here taken in early May, 1943 immediately before take-off after being scrambled to engage enemy aircraft at Dobodura, New Guinea.

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  1. Nice shots of the Yorktown. Any idea what that aircraft on her flight deck in the first photo is? Almost looks too small to be anything other than a drone.

  2. Hi Gary. My thoughts are that this is a Grumman ‘Tracker’ (S-2E) - below. The size may be an illusion due to it being the only aircraft in deck in the photo...

    In ‘64 the Yorktown was host to Anti-Submarine Squadron 23 (VS-23)

  3. Nice refueling at sea shot. When surface ships simulate submarines, That's when its best to be on something big.

    • Neosho would be sunk at the battle of the Coral Sea, when she and her escorting destroyer were mistaken for an aircraft carrier and a cruiser by the first (unsuccessful) Japanese strike launched May 4. Neosho was hit badly and floated awash until after the battle, when she was found, her surviving crew taken off and then she was sunk by US destroyers.

  4. dad flew pbm's and s2f's...that crane is from a seaplane tender...sure rang my bell

  5. Hi Dave, great set again ,I love the one with the refuelers hanging on.
    Cheers N.

  6. Hello David,
    Thanks. Interesting combination, meaning the Martin Mariner and their support ships.
    These planes (including Catalina) could cover vast areas of ocean.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

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