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New Airfix Spitfire – teaser

June 17, 2019 · in Aviation · · 17 · 2.9K

Here are a couple shots of the new , done as a FR XVIII of 32 Squadron in Palestine in 1948, using kit decals, some Eduard decals, and Xtradecals for the individual markings. The FR XVIII is an easy "conversion" - keep the full-span wings and use the big rudder.

Just received my two kits ordered from Hannant's. No wing warp, a (minor) short-shot upper half of the right horizontal stabilizer, nothing that a bit of Mr. Surfacer and 2 minutes with a sanding stick won't solve - the other kit is perfect. Also, the clear parts in both are perfectly clear.

Great kit. Best Spitfire XIV out there, replaces the former best Griffon Spitfire kit, the 30 year old Falcon Models vacuform.

Full review Thursday at Modeling Madness, repeated here on the weekend.

I am definitely a happy modeler - been waiting for a good Spitfire XIV for... a darned long time!

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  1. Tom, I can see that you are a very happy bunny with this kit. On looking at the sprues, I have to admit it was easy to see that it was a great kit - but hard to see why people were so excited by it. Looking at the end product, I get it. She is a VERY handsome aircraft with stunning lines.

    Great job and I ‘like’ this a lot.

    • To me, the Griffon Spits remind one that the airplane came about from racing. If there is a piston-engine airplane that looks like it's "going 1,000 mph), the Griffon Spit is that airplane.

  2. Great version of this legendary plane, Tom. If you say so, must be true this is the best kit for this late Spit model! Thanks for sharing this great build!

  3. Several on line reviews have been posted on Youtube and are showing a mixed bag. One reviewer say's its the best kit in 1/48 but, it has a poor wing to fuselage fit ergo gaps and the elevator fit to the stabs is about a scale foot too wide. Or the space between the elevator and stab. The landing gear attachment is not too good. He said that he has no desire to finish the kit and is hoping a club member will take on the project. Another reviewer is making direct comparisons to the new Tamiya Spitfire Mk I showing the differences in plastic, sprues and sprue gates and the sharpness of the kit details...however, the Airfix kit is a 22-23.00 dollar kits vs a 36.00-40.00 dollar kit. More than likely Tamiya will not be making this version of the Spitfire. This review is a two part review and it looks like things are headed south.

    I would be interest in your thoughts on this one. I was pretty pumped but, Iam on the fence now TC.

    • The online reviewer who cannot figure out that you assemble the wing by attaching the lower part to the fuselage, then attach the upper parts over the landing gear extension (it's there in the instructions, but asking the usual muddler to actually commit the radical act of following the instructions is a fool's errand), and who cannot figure out how to attach the elevator is one of those "Muddlers" claiming to be an expert, who is obviously a "hex-spurt." The kit has no problems so long as you have the hand-eye coordination to touch your nose with your forefinger three times in succession.

      Here's a good YouTube review that shows how nice the kit is in assembly and result:

      • This does look like a nice kit. The quality control with several persons mentioning kits with short shot parts are what concerns me. If they get this sorted out then they will have a winner on their hands. Getting replacement parts sent from across the “pond” seems like it could be troublesome.

        Does Airfix have a US based customer service department that will send you replacements ? If so then I’d be more inclined to get one. Otherwise I’m still on the fence too.

        Too bad as it looks like it has potential.

        These Griffon powered Spits are beautiful planes. But all of the Spitfires were beautiful ... My favorite is the Mk I to Mk V series.

      • I think some modellers just hate Airfix and do all they possibly can to undermine it.
        I like these new tools despite the too oversize panel lines gaps they are very good and build nicely.
        Very well done with your model.

  4. Nice job, Tom. I’ve been dry fitting one of my good kits and it seems like a nice model. Unfortunately, my short shot kit is unbuildable until they replace the parts.

  5. Loved that answer you provided to Stephen, you silver tongued devil... 🙂

  6. The 2 kits we snagged from our LHS last week are both very clean moldings with no short shot/warp parts. That being said, it has really seems to have become a c**p shoot with the quality control on Airfix’s stuff produced in India. They need to tighten that operation up.

    • They need to go back to producing in the UK. Every time they do a second run, they do it in the UK and it is night-and-day different from the Indian kit/ I just opened up an Airfix 1/48 Tomahakw II, second run of the P-40B/C - the original was done in India, this was done in UK. Cleaner, crisper, no bad molding anywhere. So obviously they're not doing it in India for price since the UK must not be more expensive. Bean counters - they know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

  7. Easy conversation, Tom? What do you mean by keeping the full span wings and big rudder, these parts are included in the kit?

    Ed. I now see in David Mills´ review/wip how the parts look like. So one is supposed to chop off the wing tips to get the clipped version?

    • Yes, you clip the wing on a panel line. The kit also includes both types of rudder.

      • Well the Brits had to remove the wing tips with the 1/1 scale bird. I did notice that there is a notch molded in place so that the replacement tip can be inserted. I pulled the trigger and ordered a kit. I've experienced short shots on the 1/72nd rag winged Hurri ...was a tad disappointed. Finding a new one is like finding hens teeth. I think the British molded kits are a tad more expensive not by much but, if the plastic is better and the short shot issue is resolved. It becomes a NBD.

  8. My Dads old squadron (see avatar showing hunting horn logo). He went home before the Griffon spits arrived.

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