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Scratchbuilt G10N Fugaku

June 16, 2019 · in Aviation · · 9 · 3.1K

Wanted to do something different for my dad for fathers day this I scratchbuilt him an airplane we both know and like. The Nakajima G10N Fugaku. Designed in 1943, Fugaku, or Mount Fuji, was to be a six engine "super heavy bomber", capable of striking coastal states in the U.S. Fortunately for the U.S., the design never made it off of paper, and the war ended too quickly for any sort of prototype to be built.

Construction began with basswood dowel, sanded and shaped, to become the fuselage and engine nacelles. The wings and stabilizers were made from basswood strips, and glued to the fuselage. The prop "blurs" are plastic discs, cut with a cutting compass, and painted. All paint is model master paint, and all markings are masked and sprayed. The mini New York city is also basswood, made from square dowels, cut to size on a bandsaw. Hope you guys like it, my Dad sure did! Happy fathers day to those of you who have kids!

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  1. Happy Father's Day to you, Ryan. And thanks for educating me yet even more on an obscure WW2 bomber.

  2. Ryan Elliot, YOU are a star. I adore this piece of work and I and if I were your father, I’d be the proudest man alive.

    Well done,


  3. Thanks for the kind wishes, guys. Being only 16, I am not a father, but the joy in my own fathers face when he saw this was a wonderful and heartwarming sight! Glad you all like it! It now proudly sits in his office at his work.

  4. Nice project, came out great.

  5. Well done, Ryan. Like David T. I like learning and you brought an interesting aircraft up that I'd never heard of.

    I'm sure your Dad REALLY loves it!

  6. That's very nice Ryan. Like some of these other guys, I hadn't known of the G10N, or at least I'd forgotten about if I did. Thanks for the reminder. And I'm sure your dad was excited to receive this gift. Well done!

  7. Thanks, all! A neat and unique aircraft for sure!

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