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Battle robot made from the remaining pieces of my tank models.

July 21, 2019 · in Diorama · 7 ≡
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  1. Ha! Very original, Jean! It looks great.

    I recognise some of those tank parts: the track looks like it's from a Tiger tank (I or II or even a Jagdtiger) ; the turret looks from an M1 tank - likely an M1 or M1-IP that had a 105mm M68/L7 gun, as opposed to an M1A1 with a 120mm gun. That was as far as I got, except for the turret basket mesh pieces I think you used on the "feet."

    Anyway - what a great idea!


    PS - for those who may bristle at my word use of "gun;" that IS correct: a "gun" (in armour terms) is a direct-fire weapon (it shoots basically straight at the target) as opposed to "lobbing" a round at the target to hit it miles or kilometers away in an arc shaped trajectory. (a typical modern tank CAN shoot a target up to 3 miles/5 kms. away, and some CAN be used as short-range (maybe 5 miles/ 8 kms.) artillery piece, but tanks are generally used to defeat other tanks or armoured vehicles. That idea has changed a little since so much modern fighting has moved from the flat planes of Europe to more urban or city-fighting, so a high explosive round CAN be beneficial. The US quit using HE rounds (we called them HEP - High Explosive Plastic) when the 105mm gun was replaced by the 120mm gun on the M1A1 series.

    Hope I didn't bore you. This IS about your VERY well done model after all, Jean.

  2. A very "unique", shall we say, first posting - welcome to iModeler, sir. 🙂

  3. Great looking model. It must have a really good gyroscope to keep it upright on those rollers.

  4. Waste not, want not! Nice save.

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