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Eduard 1/72 Fw 190 A-8/R8

July 16, 2019 · in Aviation · · 18 · 3.2K

I thought I was done with 's for a bit after I had finished my recent build of “Priller's Würger” for this year's EagleQuest. At that event I was discussing with a friend, Jerry Hendrickson, the “fun” I had closing up the engine cowling of the old tool 190 for that build. Jerry later won this kit during one of the raffles and gave it to me so I could have a go at the new tool kit to see if it was easier to build. The only real catch was that this was a scale kit and I usually build 1/48 scale. As a matter of fact, this was my first 1/72 WWII fighter kit since 1979. So, I took this build as a challenge…a challenge to both my eyesight and my manual dexterity. My Opti-Visor and various tweezers were instrumental in any success I had. I must also say that 1/72 kits have come a very long way in both detail and fit since I last tried one.

I built this kit out of the box except for the hypo needle pitot tube (I broke the original one several times), brake lines (thin copper wire), and radio antenna (E-Z Line). This kit pretty much just fell together. The parts fit was beautiful. The only filler I used was on the forward gun trough on the cowling. This was not a “kit issue” but the result of a “self-inflicted wound”. I used the wrong part at first and didn't realize my mistake until after the glue had set up. This required some “plastic surgery to correct my error.

I used Vallejo Air Paints throughout. Kit decals were used and went down nicely with Micro Sol and Micro Set. This was followed by oil panel line pin wash and AK weathering pencils (I really like these) for weathering and streaking. Lastly, I finished up with a coat of Vallejo Satin Acrylic varnish. A very, VERY nice kit. I highly recommend Eduard's new tool Fw 190 kits.

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  1. Very nice 190. I admire people that can actually airbrush Vallejo paints. I could not make it work for me. Very nice painting and general weathering. By the photos looks like the port side wheel is a little bit crooked but it can be the photo distortion perhaps.
    Well done.

    • Thanks for the comments, Paulo. I’ve been using Vallejo Air paints for 2-3 years now and have had good results. The only issue has been “tip drying” but they are acrylics and I just deal with it. I just checked the wheels and they look pretty straight...but nothing is perfect.

  2. I would never have guessed this was a 72nd scale build...outstanding job!

  3. Very nice! Built precisely with an excellence paint job.

  4. Holy c**p that looks superb! The weathering in 1/72 and quality of finish is something to aspire to- great job!
    I can only hope my string of 3 1/48 190's I am trying to finally finish this summer could look half as nice!
    Thanks for posting your kit!

  5. Great build and the camouflage is subtle and well-executed. I have had a long love/hate relationship with Vallejo paints, so my hat is off to you for a great job with these paints.

    • Thanks, George. I’ve never had any real problems with Vallejo Air paints. Can you tell me the issues that you have had. I’ve heard other folks had problems too, but like I said, I haven’t.

  6. That is a spectacular build, and even more so in 1/72!

  7. You can't kid me - this is 1/48! 🙂

    Seriously, beautiful work here, my friend.

    • Thanks, Tom. These Eduard 1/72 kits are really nice. They are just very small and I feel more comfortable doing WWII fighters in 1/48. It's very hard to do the "things" I like to do to a kit on such a small model.

  8. Nicely done Tom, excellent paint job as well as some realistic weathering.

  9. Tom,

    That's pretty amazing detail in 1/72nd scale. Nicely done.

  10. I was so sure that was at least 1/48, I had to look twice to make sure I was reading correctly! Beautifully done, in any scale, but particularly in 1/72. I've gotta couple of specific Q's for you - I'll PM you...

  11. Beautiful work!

  12. another stand out build

  13. It's a nice and cute Wurger. I especially like additional armors applied to this subtype.

  14. Wow 1/72 !
    Excellent looking Rammjager

    Problems with Vallejo paint
    Use flow improver
    it helps!

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