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July 28, 2019 · in Ships · · 8 · 1.8K

My latest project, my grandson chance started it (we bought it for him to build), he fiddled a bit and quit so it set unassembled on the book shelve in the box in the way. So I pulled it out and built it, looks good?, but I have plans for Black Sails made from cloth soon to top it off. ☠️

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  1. Welcome to the site. I've never built a sailing ship - all that rigging and assorted "fiddly-bits". What's that line from Clint Eastwood..." a man's gotta know his limitations.." 🙁

  2. It was a simple snap-tight kit, but I am not happy without the detail work, and of course with liquid cement. I wanted more details, but it was only a simple kit, so didn’t go too overboard (pun?), I painted many areas with toothpicks, still it came with templates for cutout paper sails (not), I already have black cloth sails already cut out, just need to diagram a pirate image, starch the cloth stiff, add some thread for rigging and finish.?

  3. Looks nice. From the photos, ist difficult to calculate: how big or small is it?

  4. Small, about 10-11inches long

  5. She be a fine ship she be,aye.

  6. Sailing ships are fun to look at in all their forms. Good job!

  7. Great work, and any chance of encouraging modeling with the little folk is a humanitarian deed of heroic worth. Getting the younglings away from electronic screens is worthy of an iModeler medal.

    And who doesn’t love pirates?


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