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Trumpeter PLAAF Chengdu J-10B

January 2, 2022 · in Aviation · · 10 · 2.4K

This was a quick build of 's scale Chengdu J-10B Vigorous Dragon - the Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force's equivalent to the ubiquitous American F-16 Viper. Cheap, multi-role and increasingly sporting the latest radar, communications, sensor and weapons technology despite not being a stealth airframe.

I found the kit relatively easy to build - a lot of flash to remove, but once that was done the fit was generally good with the exception of the clear parts which required more work.
I'm not 100% happy with the weathering finish, but these birds are typically pretty clean so I didn't want to go overboard on oils etc.

Build video here for those interested:

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  1. Another superb build, Justin!
    You tackled this not shake and bake kit with excellence.
    The PLAAF has some really interesting planes in their inventory, the "Vigorous Dragon" being one of them.
    Happy new year!

  2. What a beautiful build of a not so often seen aircraft, Justin @britflyer
    Well done.

  3. Great result Justin. Looks good.

    Isn't this more the Chinese copy of the BAE Typhoon II? It sure looks like it.

    • Thanks Tom!

      The J-10 was actually derived from an airframe starting point of the failed Israeli Lavi programme. The chief designer travelled to Israel and was photographed with the Lavi prototype - the basic shape and layout is almost identical. However, the J-10A was a fully functional combat aircraft (which the Lavi never was), with fully indigenous systems and a Russian engine... it's also significantly larger. Since then the B and C have added PESA and then AESA radars, greatly improved communications, datalinks and weapons capabilities, and the option for indigenous WS-10 series Chinese engines.

  4. Nice job on it. I like the restrained weathering. I'd like to build the J-10A kit in the August 1st display team colors as a tribute to Yu Xu. The first of four female pilots to fly the J-10 and the only one on the aerobatic team. She was killed when her plane struck another in flight and while she and the GIB were able to eject she was struck by another aircraft in the formation after ejection.

  5. Looks great! I've got one of these in 1/72 to build - I like the indigenous Chinese aircraft and want to start adding them to my collection. I like the color you got on this - what paint/color did you use?

    • Thanks Greg! I used a custom mix of about 80% Mr Color 307 (FS26320) with around 20% Mr Color 34 (Sky Blue) to try and hit that slightly elusive PLAAF blue-grey which looks a lot 'bluer' in direct sunlight than in shade...

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