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Heinkel 111 Walkaround

September 9, 2019 · in Photo Collections · · 5 · 6.8K

The exhibition at the Luftwaffenmuseum in Gatow outside Berlin has been rebuilt and some new aircraft are being exhibited. The caught my eye, so I thought I'd share some pictures of them here.
Four years ago, this aircraft was still in the workshop and looked like this.

It was licence built in Spain, which you can see from the engines. It was later given a fake Luftwaffe camouflage. Therefore, it's not a real Luftwaffe aircraft, but since this is only the second He 111 I've seen I thought it might still be interesting to share the pictures.
(As far as I know, there aren't too many He 111 preserved. The only other one I've seen is exhibited at the Gardemoen Museum outside Oslo, Norway.)

Enjoy the pictures

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  1. I suspect there's still one at the RAF Museum in Hendon. There was the last time I went there some years ago but I haven't been there since the museum's latest update. I guess their website would confirm that it's still there but I suspect this is another one from Spain. Paul

  2. What a fantastic set of photos. I especially liked the close up detail pictures of the gondola and nose sections... Thank you !

  3. Presumably one of the aircraft from the 'Battle of Britain' movie?
    Great photos Ulf.
    There definitely was one at Hendon - although it may now have been moved to Cosford.

  4. Thanks for the photos.

    The CAF Arizona Wing used to have one of these Spanish 111s. I got a ride in it once. What a tiny airplane! You can't stand up erect inside.

  5. Thanks again Ulf, great show!

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