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P47D-RE25 Brazilian Air Force (Italy 1944) ACADEMY 1/72

March 14, 2014 · in Aviation · · 20 · 1.8K

Hi there!
It's me again! This time with a P47D painted in Brazilian colours during WWII in Italy 1944.
The Brazilian 1st Squadron was attached to the American 350th Fighter Group and was based in Tarquinia, Italy.

This model was easy to build but I had to do some improvements. The most important was to cut 2mm on the landing gear legs (it is too long and the model looks weird if don't do so). I also used some photoetched seat belts and I did scratchbuilt the lights under the left hand side wing. Decals came from the excellent FCM Decals range and they reacted very good to MICRO SET/SOL combination. All paint is Tamiya acrylics.

Hope you like it!
Comments and critics are welcomed!



PS: The little blot of super glue you see fixing the antenna wire to the ruder has already been replaced. 😀

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  1. Great P-47. If you hadn't noted the scale i'd have taken it as 1/48. Great scheme and markings too.

  2. Thanks for the info. Did not know about the Brazillian squadron.
    Model looks great.

    • Hi Al
      Not many people know but besides the Fighter Squadron Brazil also sent an Army division to fight the Germans in Italy, in this case they were under command of 5th Army (General Mark Clark).

  3. Cool , a lovely P 47 D, nice work there Paulo.
    Nice bit of weathering around the cockpit.
    Well done Paulo.

  4. You people (and you know who you are), that build 1/72nd scale aircraft make me sick..! I wouldn't be so bad, but usually they look better than my Tamiya 1/48th scale P-47's - (which I suppose isn't that hard for ANYBODY to do), but Damn!
    As Gregor pointed out, I had to look twice when I saw that scale. Nice work.

  5. Nice clean build, an unusual example of the "Jug".

  6. Paulo outstanding result! I just recomend you to use E-Z Line to reproduce the antena wire. The great advantage of this method is that the E-Z line does not break if you touch it. You can buy this stuff at Wingnuts web site.

    Cheers mate!

  7. Normally build WWII fighters in 48th scale. In 72nd scale it will be multi engine light/medium bombers or the heavies. I do enjoy seeing those that build these little fighters. Nice touch in an unusual scheme. 1st one in Brazilian livery I have seen. Also enjoyed the history in regard to the squadron from Brazil. WWII was truly a World War not just the U.S and Canada, lot of our S. American and Central American nations did participate as well. So really nice to see the Jug in Brazilian colors. Thanks for sharing Paulo, bravo.


    • Thanks Chuck
      The Brazilian squadron also used some JUGs in natural metal finish, that'll be my next project.
      I also want to make a P40E and a Catalina used to search Brazilian coast against German subs (Brazil lost about 25 ships due subs attacks), but those were based in Brazil (Natal Air Base)

  8. Hi Paulo, Great Build Mate I had no idea about there being Brazilian aircraft flying in the European theatre of operations in WW2
    thanks for Sharing
    i just realised its 1/72 hats off to you Paulo well Done indeed

  9. Great work Paulo! Ever considered moving up to 1/48?

  10. Very nice colour scheme, Paulo, it must be a Brazilian talent, I don't like soccer, but the Brazilian strip is very attractive as well!

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