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Me-109 Black 10

September 1, 2019 · in Aviation · 8 Comments

Hi, here is my 1/48 Me-109 G-6 from Revel. This model was a mash-up of two other 109s. The ammunition housing on the nose is from the Otaki 109 I built in 2018. The ruder was changed slightly from the G-10 to a G-6 ruder. The canopy is an Airfix E-3 my dad built a while back. I had to use that canopy instead of the one that came with the kit because (like an i***t) I put the whole original canopy in to a cup full of lacquer thinner. Thirty seconds was all it took for my crystal-clear Revel canopy to turn into a fogy mush of "used to be" plastic. Luckily my dad had the spare. It took some modifications to fit, but I think I got the job done. The decals are from a Barracuda set I had left over from other 109s. The kit was painted with Vallejo colors and weathered with oil paints. After I built the model, I got bored and look up the tail number "Black 10" on google and found the real aircraft. I Printed it and framed it so it might add interest to the aircraft.

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  1. Thanx for sharing this 109 build! - Nice work with an interesting scheme.

    I know I'm very nerdy on 109's and should you want to change the canopy again, send me a direct message with your adress, and I will send you some from my spares box (got some eduard and some Tamiya, not entirely sure if I got the revell, but as I build mine with an eduard erla hood it might be possible (the E3 hood is not really correct on G-10's, as it has thicker frames and different shape, but if you are happy with your build then it is as it should be!))

  2. Wow...great paint scheme. Well done

  3. Yeah...a very unique scheme - well done indeed.

  4. Nice work and paint scheme Oliver!

  5. Interesting paint scheme, well done.

  6. One of the more eye-catching schemes I have seen. Nicely done.

  7. That's a great scheme for a 109 - nice to see something unique! Well done.

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