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RCAF Coastal Command Liberator GR.V with Monogram’s 1/48 B-24D

September 15, 2019 · in Aviation · 25 · 3.5K

The Liberator has always been one of my favorite U.S. Heavies and when Monogram introduced it back in 1978 it was a major breakthrough in modeling for me. I had seen photo's of the Liberator in Royal Canadian Air Force Coastal Command markings and the addition of the Radomes ,Leigh Light and had always wanted to do the scheme as it looked on the airplane and was such a departure from Natural Metal, OD and Desert sand Thanks to Avieology Decals and Belcher Bits resin casting I was now able to do one. The markings represent a Liberator from #10 Squadron with the nose art "Nanette". The airplane had three confirmed U-Boat sinkings. I didn't want to spend a lot of time on interior parts that weren't going to be seen, so I did a basic up grade to the seats by adding pads, armrests and seat belts using AIZU tape painted Neutral grey. Nothing fancy, no aftermarket but the work is not clearly visible. I did add an amidships support to the bomb bay as I was going to display the bomb doors open as the closed doors don't fit very well on the model, and I wasn't going to put bombs in it. The "Dumbo" radome on the chin required some surgery on the nose glazing to fit, so I used a Squadron Vacuform piece and cut per the Belcher Bits instructions. Sadly, the framing on the Squadron piece doesn't match up with the kit one so the Eduard Masks Didn't work, so I had to cut my own. A real nailbiter as the glazing is very thin especially around the very tip. I used Testors Classic White, Humbrol Sea Grey and Dark Sea Grey as called out in the specs. I did use Eduard ignition harnesses for the engines but that's it. I used brass wire and AIZU tape for the brake lines and the tow rings on the main gear. I used spare bezels for the blue ID lights on the fuselage and the Red, Green, Amber on the under surface. I opened up the exhausts as well. I didn't want to weather it too much as I am not good at it, so some dry brushing around the engines, pin washes and that's about it. I did use some spare PE for the mounts of the Leigh light and used Modelkasten 1.5 flex line for the power cables. Overall I am quite pleased with it and it leads the lineup of Liberators in my collection. There you have it. Thanks for reading this and scoping it out.

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  1. Beautiful work, sir...very nice collection as well - would love to see the rest of 'em. Welcome to iModeler.

  2. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Welcome to this forum Mark.
    MONOGRAM models for me, are still one of the best, true is the fact that the #1 ill point, is the raised panel lines. But hey ! … that is what we as modelers had then. Boy did we love them then and still do, they were with us then … why turn them away now ? Nice work on that model.

  3. Now, that is the stuff right there. Mastering the model so you can specialize. Beautiful work, well handled aftermarket stuff. A joy to peruse.

  4. What, you have a full shelf of 1/48 Liberator bombers?! And do I spot a second one as well?

    Nice one and welcome to iModeler.

  5. Thanks very much for sharing your build- great work! Now I am even more motivated to build my Monogram 1/48 B-24D as one of the USN PB4Y's based out of Brasil!

  6. Very interesting conversion, not very usual seeing this one made. Well done, and that shelf has quite a collection!

  7. Beauty. Right now I'm in debations whether to do my -24D as an assembly ship or an RCAF version. I tend to swing towards anything RCAFy and notice there is a plain looking one without the dome. I'll have to check whether there were any other conversions.

  8. I really like all the old Monogram kits and I really like the job you did on this conversion. My modelling mates laugh at me when l tell them I want shelf full of various 1/48 Liberators. Now I have the photographic proof it is possible.

  9. Very nice Mark. The collection looks real good as well. Welcome!

  10. RCAF rocks and Coastal Command white belly is one of the most attractive schemes. Nice job.

  11. Thank you all for your positive comments and welcoming me to the forum, duly appreciated.
    @Dan DeSilva: That Navy Coastal scheme is on my hit parade as well. Dig out, do it and post it here for others to see and get motivated.

  12. You certainly like the kit, from the others on display. Very nice work on this with a great result.

    Any chance of showing us some photos of that Manchester on the shelf below?

    • Those are the Tamiya 1/48 Lanasters. I don't have any pics of the Dambuster, but here are what I have of the "Mickey the Moocher"

      8 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  13. I always think of the B-24, the B-29 and the B-25s as having some of the best bill board space for doing bomber art. Some of the planes have a carnival look to them with the painting styles. Others have some true artists who have studied the female figure and can paint some very good likenesses of the leading ladies of the silver screen. As the for the Monogram B-24 don't always see them at the shows or on the net, given the time and effort to takes to make them and of course display and photograph them. Mark, it looks like you have an appreciation for this Monogram classic and your efforts show it. Love the decals and painting...great way to make a splashing when joining a a modeling site. Two thumbs up on this one. Looking forward to seeing your next build.

  14. Nice work on this one, and a beautiful collection of bombers !

  15. Hello Mark,
    Impressive ASW model. Just like you I am a fan of the Monogram Models. Sturdy and way ahead of their time.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  16. Great work! I like seeing ASW aircraft built.

  17. Nicely done! I bought some coastal command decals for one of my Liberators - love the scheme. I'm hoping it turns out as nice as yours. Welcome aboard.

  18. Nice to see it done in this scheme ,looks great! And welcome aboard.

  19. Thanks again everybody for looking at the blog and the kind welcome aboard. I will look forward to posting other builds here as well as seeing what everyone else is doing.

  20. Welcome aboard Mark !

    This wonderful posting almost slipped past my radar... You have done a fantastic job with it. I have a later J model on the bench right now. It's going to be an assembly ship. The original plan was to build it up as "A Dragon and it's Tail". I decided to build that one up later.

    When you can, please post up articles on your other builds.

    Again welcome aboard.

  21. Hello Louis: Thanks for the welcome and scoping out the build. I don't remember how I stumbled on this site but looks to be a good one and helpful. I did post a blog about my 1/48 "The Dragon and his Tail", if you haven't scoped it out it's up and running. I look forward to seeing your post on your "Dragon".

  22. Congratulations Mark super build!

  23. Hello David, thanks for scoping it out and leaving your comment. Thank you so much, duly appreciated.

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