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Teeth & Fang GB still going

October 15, 2019 · in Uncategorized · · 9 Comments

As most of you are aware the Group Build has been going on since June 1st and schedule to end at New Years Eve. We’ve got so far 7 active builds, 2 of them already finished, but many more people joined with some exciting ideas for projects that are probably still waiting workbench time. So c’mon and get your models biting, there is still plenty of weeks to complete them, and if it needed, an extension time can be applied. No excuses to skip this one 😉

Anyone can post their works in progress using the page, and also publish their complete model in the highlights. After the GB ends I will post a wrap up of all entries in this GB. Thank you!

9 responses

  1. A timely reminder, just happen to have a P-40N, with a mouth on it.

  2. Thank you for mentioning the extension... I can use some extra time to finish up my Monogram 1/48 B-24 "Tubarao" if you don't mind. If things happen to go well, I might just have another entry... But first I need to wrap up some other projects that are currently underway.

  3. I had considered this but I only have a few kits in the stash that build up with "faces". One such is the recent Academy box of AM's B-25D, which I'm not ready to dive into yet. The other, an Airfix P-40B, I didn't plan to do to do up that way. Lastly I have an old F-4 in my non-choice scale, but it looks like the decals will disintegrate on impact with water.. so, like Louis, if I can clear the deck of all the ongoing projects, I may try to fit one of these in, minding the possible extension.

  4. Can I add a previously built P-40 to this GB?

  5. @coondog Hey Matt,
    If by previously built you mean a fully completed P-40 model then I’m afraid not because the purpose of the GB is to build a themed model during the length of the GB. I’d you mean a semi built, half way through the road model, then that’s perfectly fine. Hope this helps! Cheers

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