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Hasegawa 1/48 P-47D "Razorback"

October 25, 2016 · in Aviation · · 38 · 3.1K

this is one of the mounts of Lt. Col. Baseler..."Big Stud"...commander 325th "Checkertail Clan" in North Africa and Italy 1943-1944...his awards include six kills,the Silver Star,Legion of Merit and two presidential unit citations

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  1. Very nice, Bob.

  2. Razorbacks look good from any angle.Nice job.

  3. You couldn't find a more appropriate name to put onto a P-47. Good looking model Bob.

  4. Quite a fine looking Razorback very nicely done and good photography as well. Mighty fine.

  5. Nice build, you "big stud", of my favorites. I saw that plane while in Seattle a few years back. One sometimes doesn't realize just how big they were/are until standing in front of one.

  6. Nice build !
    Top of pop!

    Decals? Monogram ?


  7. Bob, great work, good to see the Hasegawa built.

  8. Great Jugs, Nice touch with actual photo.

  9. Very special, Bob, excellent build and presentation.

  10. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Bob, no matter at what angle a P-47D "RAZORBACK" is shown, it always looks great and in some way intimidating. The size and lines as well as the curves can be appreciated in this model. Very nice work.

    • thank you you said it's rather a brute...i saw one parked next to a BF 109 and it looked like a tractor trailer parked next to a really looked like a bludgeon in a dive

  11. Beautiful Thunderbolt, Bob. Looking sharp !

  12. Stunning Juggernaut. Superb finish and colourful markings makes this one shine!

  13. Great looking Razorback! Love the Jug, in both bubble-top and Razorback look. The Checkertail look is always a treat as well - definitely adds a splash of color.

  14. Gosh that's a good looking T-bolt. Well done Bob

  15. Bob, meant to ask, did the tail checkerboard decals give you a fit? (no pun intended, I think...) Turned out great, by the way, and not an easy thing to pull off.

  16. Fine work Bob, a good old Jug...
    Well done mate.

  17. Excellent work Bob!

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