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“ Berlin Liberators 1945 “

One subject that always fascinated me was the end days of World War II.. There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there surrounding Hitler’s last hours.. The Russians surrounding Berlin in April 1945 must’ve been quite terrifying for the German soldiers and civilians still inside the city.. However I think we can all agree, the world is grateful for the Red Army’s actions in defeating Berlin..

I was research the subject and also wanted to build a late War Russian T-34/85, and came across some photos of some with this added on bedspring armor and was immediately drawn to finding a kit to do just that.. I searched my usual go to online stores and found this kit and was smitten..

I have been traveling quite a bit with my wife and decided to put together a mobile modeling toolbox so I can get some building done while out of town.. I was surprised the detail in this kit compared with the more expensive model manufacturers out there.. I especially love the rough cast texture in the turret and of course the wonderful photo etch bedspring armor..

I also wanted to go a little further and add my own twist on things, as I usually do with my builds.. I had recently seen a video on YouTube from a fellow Modeler I follow, and he was make his own improved weld seams and flame cut marks.. I was intrigued enough to give it a go on this particular kit as the old Soviet armor certainly has lots of crude welding all over them.. I used stretched sprue this time as I was confident enough to try the milliput method quite yet.. I still think it turned out ok..

Next I noticed in the photos how damaged the rubber road wheels on these tanks were quite beat up and damaged.. so on each individual road wheels, I used a number 11 blade and files to create that damaged look, highlighted later with dry brushing a light gray over the tire black..

After painting the 4BO color, which I mixed myself and whole heartedly believe there is no correct “ Russian green “ ... I added some worn metal effects to the added weld beads.. Washes were done with Tamiya enamels and weathering done with artist oils..

I really enjoyed this build and can’t recommend this kit enough.. Sure there are more expensive kits out there and you can certainly get great results with those, but if you’re like me and mostly on a budget with your hobby, then this is a great option for representing the end of WWII April 1945... Cheers and hope you like it.

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  1. I really like this! Very realistic creation. Lots of talent on display here.

  2. These bedsprings look the part! Early version of spaced armor everyone has at home, can you believe it!

  3. A creative build! Nice job.

  4. Not a tank guy but that T-34/85 looks great Justin. You certainly have mastered the art of armor building. As to the fall of Berlin I'm sure you have read Cornelius Ryan's book "The Last Battle," which details the fall of Berlin from the personal accounts of Generals as well as the civilian population. Quite an interesting read along with his other two books "The Longest Day" and a "A Bridge Too Far."

  5. Nice job. Looks like individual track links. How did they assemble?

  6. Wonderful job. Takes you there!

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