Arma Hobby 1/72 Mk IIc Hurricane

July 4, 2021 · in Aviation · 24 · 1.7K

A gem of a kit. Not that many parts (around 70 or so, I think). Took me about three weeks to finish, done in MRP colours, with some oils and some weathering powders. I understand that they are about to release the same thing in 1/48, which is much more suited to me. I don't really have the eyesight for 1/72 any more, but it was such a great looking kit I thought I might as well have a go.

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  1. Very nice Hurricane. I like Arma's approach which leaves more time for the painting which is what I enjoy doing.

  2. Nicely done ! I can relate to eyesight issues here Robert but even in looking close at your Hurricane I can see no flaws ! This encourages me to continue in 1/72 scale . The very thing that makes the scale so good is that one has more models to make As the “ Stash “ has become very large...maybe 1/48 is not such a bad idea.

  3. This is where good engineering and art come together. The acronym "keep it simple stupid" or K.I.S.S. is applied with a low parts count combined with the art of making surface details and textures that are seconded to none. Textures being subjective or the art part.

    I've picked up several Arma Hurricanes because of it.

    Robert, you've done the "Expert set" proud and have come up with some strong work on this "Gem".

    Two thumbs up and I smashed the like button.

  4. Well done, RJ. It's a great little kit; a fun build.

  5. Great looking model, no problem doing what you did whit the eyes you ´ve got.

    It is very clear in this specific version that a bit of tweaking was all it took to make it into a Typhoon. Most of the lines are there even if they installed a new engine and beefed up the construction.

  6. Very nice build, Arma really came out with some nice kits.

  7. You did fantastic on this 1/72 scale Hurricane, Robert Joseph.
    Perfect looking into every detail.

  8. The Arma kits are superb. I'm ready to start my third Hurricane, the IIb.

    You did this one proud.

  9. Looks great, Robert, I've always preferred the look of the Hurricane over the Spitfire, and could be tempted with a 1/48 version. Definitely liked.

  10. Superb job, Robert!

  11. I keep seeing these Arma kits built up, and I'm going to have to do one! Looks fantastic - not just the kit, but your work on this one.

  12. Really nice model, great work! The Hurricane was on of my first ever model kits, and this little gem would be a great nostalgic project.

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