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Started modeling cars when I was around seven years old till I was about sixteen, till I discovered girls.. lol Joined the Army immediately after Highschool graduation and didn't get back to the hobby for almost seventeen years.. Picked up a 1/72 P-51 mustang kit and fell in love with the hobby and aircraft instantly.. later delved into and became totally hooked on armor modeling as well.. I manage a Facebook modeling group called " WWI To Beyond Modeling " and my personal blog on Facebook " The Piedmont Modeler".. look forward to to seeing what I can pick up from this forum as I'm constantly trying to learn more each day about the hobby..

Six Days War

Having recently watch a series on a streaming network surrounding some spying in Syria by the Israelis Mossad and the lead up to the Six Days War, I decided to do a build dedicated to the Israeli Defense Force’s armored units.. Loving [...]

Ugly & reliable

The Churchill certainly isn’t going to win any beauty pageants.. And is been said that it got some laughs from the Americans and even the Germans at Dieppe snickered at its appearance and fairly weak gun.. it was till later Mk.’s [...]

“ Berlin Liberators 1945 “

One subject that always fascinated me was the end days of World War II.. There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there surrounding Hitler’s last hours.. The Russians surrounding Berlin in April 1945 must’ve been quite terrifying for [...]

Lovin' Russian

Fresh from the Urals.. I have here for you one of my favorite modern Russian armor vehicles... Trumpeter's 1/35 BMP-3E IFV, and what a delightful kit.. I have built another variant of this vehicle by Trumpeter as well and it was wonderful [...]

My " First " Tiger I

Hey folks... Here I have for you my very first Tiger I (early) I ever built.. Tamiya 1/35, a classic Tamiya kit that I feel still holds up to today's offerings without interior.. This was a really fun build.. I learned quite a bit on [...]

Bismarck Fun

Hello folks, This is my take on a very infamous WWII German Battleship Bismarck... This is the Old Lindberg 1/350 kit and I read and was told by others that this was originally released as the Tirpitz.. I'm no expert in ships or history [...]

” Soviet Quad AA “

Hello folks, This is one of my favorite builds to date.. The Meng 1/35 ZSU 23-4 Shilka Self Propelled Anti-aircraft tank.. I'm a huge fan of cold war Soviet armor, I don't know why but I just seem to find it very interesting.. This was [...]

The ” long in the tooth ” Tamiya 1/35 M41 Walker Bulldog

Hello folks, my name is Justin Rogers and I have here for you my second build of my very first armor kit I ever built since my return to the hobby.. Certainly everyone knows how " long in the tooth " the Tamiya 1/35 M41 Walker [...]