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Paint table

I found another good photo of my paint table out in our garage when I lived near Cortez, Colorado. It’s about 2 feet square/610mm. I attach two 7500 daylight bulb lamps to it. I could set my turn table on the table that had the big 1/18th scale F6F-3 Hellcat on it. It’s an ideal place for the table/light arrangement to paint any size model. You will note that I place my small “Thomas” compressor on a stool thats on the floor. I bought the compressor in 1981 and it worked perfectly until I quit building in late 2016.

If you only live in an apartment, you can still find a place outside. (overhanging car port roof- next to your outside “Bar-B-Que”).

2 responses to Paint table

  1. I really appreciate this series, a bit like a tutorial from the expert – masterclass. Thanks so much Rodney!

  2. I agree with what Michel stated above !!! That F6F really looks great by the way !!!!

    I use an upright Sears / Craftsman 5.5 HP air compressor with a 25 gallon tank for my air brush work. It’s one like you would typically use for light duty work in your home garage. I have reduced it down so that I can attach my air brush, water traps and regulators to it.
    With the large volume air storage tank, it ensures a steady volume of air, so I don’t have fluctuations in pressure like what happens when the compressor motor kicks on with smaller units. It belonged to my Dad, and I inherited it from him about 7 years ago.

    Great idea with the turn table……… The secrets are being revealed from the Master………. Thank You very much.

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