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The Desert Half Track

November 24, 2019 · in Armor · 9 · 2K

This kit intrigued me, so it became one of my favorite armor models.

The two skeleton's went together just fine and the same for the rest of the vehicle.

I made a base using 1/2" hard styrofoam then covered it with desert sand that I got out of our 3 acred desert yard that was near the river city of Dolores, Colorado.

I found a photo of General Rommel so I added it to this set of building photos.


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  1. This is great, I'd definitely have a go at this if I came across one for sale, I don't know what impresses me most though , the fact that you built this kit or the fact that you own three acres of desert !

  2. Now that's a piece of armor, Nice! I just recently added one to my stash.

  3. Man, that brings back memories. Especially when kits, like these, were available in markets, drug stores, five and dimes, etc.

  4. Awesome y'all know I love me some Tom Daniel kits! Interesting story about this kit and Tijuana Taxi, the original molds were both lost/destroyed so more recent (post late 1960s) releases are r reverse engineered "new" releases!

  5. This one and the "Red Baron" were among my favorites from the "Golden Age" of Monogram... Love it ! The desert sand base is a very nice touch.


  6. To all of your comments...Yes! that was a neat model and it may still be out there somewhere. However, if you can't fine one, My finished model is for sale...! Rodney.

    OH, I just posted 2 more armor models, and they could be bought from me tooooooo!

    • They can be found pretty easily at least the 2009 reissues. When I bought my TJ Taxi there were several Rommel's Rods ranging from about $20 for an opened one to $35 for a still factory sealed one.

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