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A - 1/24 Scale Mercedes Benz/540 by Italeri.

December 14, 2019 · in Automotive · · 6 · 2.3K

I just posted my Rolls Royce car model so it's best that I duplicate another fancy model and like the "RR"model, I found some real photos of the "540."
I have heard of the name Mercedes Benz company but what does the "540" mean?
Another o.o.b. model that is painted similar to the paint that is on the real car.
Remember the old model building rule: Your models have to be as good on the bottom as they are on the top and your model's has to set firmly on all tires and tank treads.
What's coming next?
I have another 250 models here at home and a bunch of photos of a couple dozen models that I have made for clients. You like submarines, Roman ships or how about a couple of "Dinosaurs".



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  1. Nicely built - Love the car too
    Trying to answer your question. It's a Habit of Mecredes Benz to omit one Zero at the end of the numbers MB 200 means a Motor of 2000 ccm, 170 = 1700 ccm so 540 means a motor of 5400 ccm; and "K" stands for "Kompressor" which gives more power to the engine by compriming the air before it enters the "burning-cell" of the engine.

  2. Hans: Sound's like the car makers here in American as I have had car's with additional letters and/or numbers attached to the outside of the car body, but nothing is written on the title. Thanks for your comment: Rodney...

  3. Another beauty! Bring on the roman ships.

  4. Hello Rodney,
    You turned this rather simple model into a real beauty. Your collection of pictures gives the viewer a good inside look into all the work that had to be done. Excellent finish, buth the color scheme strikes me the most.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  5. Hello Dirk;

    I lucked out on some of these cars that I have built by going to the web and finding the real cars: (Restored or maybe original). Anyways I liked the colors more-so than what was on the box art...same for my airplanes. I'm going to post a car that has a unusual pain look for it soon.

    Thanks for your comment! RJW...

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