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A Spanish Galleon

This was another o.o.b. ship model which was easy to build. Like my Roman ship, I used the kit’s plastic sails. All the sails on both ships looked realistic to me. I think I added some white paint to the sails, but I don’t remember…hey..who cares…not me.

Again,I should have made a water base for the model as displayed on the box art.

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3 responses to A Spanish Galleon

  1. There’s just something special about these old sailing ships…………all of them. They lure me in like a moth to the flame…………. Thanks for sharing these ship models with us Rodney.

  2. Hey Louis………I thought you were like me??? Airplane guy………!!!! Anyways scratch-building so many parts for airplanes got to me from time to time, hell…2,100 hours to build one 1/32 scale P-51D again’s maybe 25 hours for a ship.

  3. Nice job. All you need is the Viking ship.

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