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Spitfire Mk.IXc

December 17, 2017 · in Aviation · · 12 · 2K

The from
A good model without problems, the only problem for me is the scale, I usually work with 1:32 and this is my first 1:48 is a gift for a colleague.
He asked me at this scale for size issues.
But for my eyes it has been a real challenge since everything is quite smaller, than 1:32, now I understand the merit of one of these 1:48 superdelated planes really has much merit.

Painted with Vallejo acrylics, by the way, when it comes to painting they also change the adjustments compared to painting a 1:32 model.
Varnished in gloss, placement of decals and another layer of varnish, 2 days of drying.
Fouled with oil and pigments, another two days of drying and 2 layers of varnish satin Ammo.

It has not been a bad experience but I think I will continue with 1:32


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  1. Great build Carmelo, indeed I agree with you, the older one gets the bigger the scale needs to be, I wonder, when I am 70 I will probably need a kit in 1/20 scale. Just kidding, nice job.

  2. Excellent build on the "small" scale Spit, my friend (ya dun gud). 🙂

  3. It's not that long ago - maybe 4-5 years - that I wanted to build a 1:48 scal Mk 9 and the only one I couls could then find was an Airfix one (I think there was an ICM one as well but my local store didn't stock it). Since then, we've had a whole range of different presentations including 1:32 scale from Tamiya and now Revell. I'm going to have to give another one a go to replicate the a/c flown by a local Belgian pilot during latter part of WW2 from ALG just up the road from where I live. Both now long gone but happy memories. Yours is a lovely model, Carmelo - even if it was a bit small for you.


  4. Nice job Carmelo.

  5. Great work, Carmelo! I used to do 1/72nd scale almost exclusively, but now I'll be doing 1/48th aircraft and some 1/35th armor. Our eyes aren't the only things lacking. I find that my dexterity is leaving me, too.

    On a side note. I WISH there were as many armor models in 1/48 scale. Who was the Einstein who decided most aircraft should be in 1/72, 1/48, & 1/32 while most armor is 1/35. Diorama makers would love it if the armor models were primarily in 1/48 or the large aircraft were in 1/35th scale. Me too!

  6. Carmelo - I really like this build - the realism of the weathering is just great. Looking at old pictures you often see that some planes were really dirty, worn and battered. This captures some of that while still being a beautiful looking Spit!

    Jeff, that is such a good point - some big picture thinking would have helped!

  7. Carmelo, a wonderful looking Spitfire. Very well done !

  8. A wonderfully done Spit Carmelo! Love your finishing and weathering.

    But come on guys, why all the bashing of 1/72 as "eye strain" scale? I have seen the kind of detail work you larger scale builders put into cockpits, access panels, engines, landing gear bays, etc. I just don't buy it! I think it's more a case of "my Spit is bigger than your Spit" from the days of playground escapades! (and I'm having fun - all is meant in jest here! Please take it as some good horsing around!)

  9. Beautiful spit! Congrats, dobranots!

  10. A gift! He could be a great colleage. Very nice Spit.

  11. Well worn Spitfire. Totally get it with 1/48 for fighters. Don't mind for heavies and big twins.

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