Baltic Sea Vessel Cracker...Xuntong 1/48 Ilyushin Il-4T Soviet Navy

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My father and I wish you a Happy New Year! Stay healthy and all the best!

Built in 2017.
kit, painted with Tamiya Nato Black and Vallejo Model Air A-24m Green. EZ Line for the aerials. During construction the balance weight on the fin tip broke off, had to repair it with some scratch stuff. Also the landing light is scratch, kit has only a hole in the wing.

Model shows an aircraft of the Baltic Fleet, 1st Guards Maritime Torpedo Aviation Regiment, summer/fall 1944.

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  1. Not only another excellent well done model of a rarely seen Russian bomber, but Louis Gardner and I were just talking about this particular aircraft not the markings but the plane itself. Though not the Navy or torpedo bomber but the Il-4S standard bomber version, which is hard to get. The "T" seems to be easier to find. And here you present a beautiful build of one. We were also talking about the Tu-2 also produced by Xuntong. To me you can see a lot of Stormovic on the tail assy. Thanks for sharing such a rare well done Russian medium torpedo bomber. Outstanding paint work.

  2. Nicely done Reinhard, great pics as well. Can't say I've ever saw this model before, must of been fun masking all that glass. Nice job

  3. Like Tom this is the first build of this kit I have seen and I am impressed. The paint job is as usual top shelf.

  4. Nice work. This is another one i like seeing built.

  5. Great work on a very obscure subject.

  6. Thanks all for your comments!
    Once again Happy New Year!

  7. Happy New Year Reinhard @grimreaper
    to you and your family. This is the very first time I have ever seen one of these kits built... ever.

    And you have a very nice plane posted here. All of your work is top notch. Thanks for sharing these with us.

  8. Great job. Nice to see another one built other than mine. ?

  9. Beautiful model! I love these unusual birds - I've got on in 1/72 that I need to get to soon...

  10. So what's the deal with Xuntong/Bobcat? Are they one and the same? I just got my Il-4 (didn't know it was available till your article, thanks) and the box colorization, layout and type font are identical to my Firebar, Brewer (which I heard started life as Xuntong kits) and Beagle. The address is the same road but one is building 15 and one is building B. Seems like Bobcat is handling the overlooked Soviet jets and Xuntong the WWII stuff. Fit and finish of all are outstanding (for what dry fitting I've done on the Il-4, the Firebar is about half done). Whatever IS going on, I hope they keep it up and have my fingers crossed for a 1/48 Pe-8! Great job on your Soviet bird BTW!

    • Yes, as far as I know they are the same company. I guess they won´t release anything new anymore under the Xuntong label, all will be Bobcat Models now. Or maybe you´re right and post WW2 stuff is Bobcat and the others Xuntong, we´ll see.
      When you scroll upwards, you´ll find a link to my dad´s WIP on Britmodeller.
      At the moment my father is working on the Bobcat Il-28, not that bad but some fit problems.

      • I also bought the Beagle when it came out even though I'm about 25% done on HPH's version. Never thought I'd see a 1/48 injection kit of that! I plan on posting both in a comparison when finished. I started closing up the fuselage on my Firebar today and that's the first issue I've had so far. I had to shave a bit off of the cockpit tub shoulders at the rear so the halves come together. These guys seem to have it together for the most part though!

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