ProModeler/Revell 1/48 Junkers Ju52/3m g3e Nightbomber Austrian Airforce

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Also built two years ago by my dad.
Didn´t knew that much about the Ju52 versions before that build. Thought with the ProModeler kit it would be an easy OOB thing because the kit includes the additional bomber parts, to say the belly gunner basket and the main wheel covers. Then we found out that the bomber was a "g3e" version with no cargo doors on roof and starboard side and an adittional door on the right cockpit side. But the /ProModeler military kits depict a "g4e" version. Luckily I realized that the Revell civil version had the correct fuselage side parts, so I spent some extra money on one of the airliner kits. The fuselage side walls from the civil kit and the rest from the military kit fit together well. Regarding the roof cargo door my dad filled the rivets with Gunze Dissolved Putty, it didn´t disappear completely but with the camo you can hardly see it. The bomber version had also a bigger loop antenna, gonna have to replace it someday when we find a suiting part.

The exact colour tones of the camo aren´t known, most probably very close to RLM 61/62/63. My dad used, as usual, Gunze and Tamiya acrylics, EZ Line for wiring. Roundels from IPMS Austria, number decals from Fantasy Printshop.

In 1937 the Airforce bought three Ju52, one was used as a staff aircraft and for instrument flight training (OE-HKA) and the other two as nightbombers (36 and 37). In March 1938 they became German property again...

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  1. These Ju-52's are often neglected by us modelers... Your Dads turned out exceptionally well. When I was much younger, I had the opportunity to go inside and around one that was owned by the author Martin Caiden in the late 1970's / early 1980's. His was painted in typical German colors of 70/71 over 65, with yellow cowlings and rudders. His plane was named "Iron Annie", and I'm fairly certain it is now owned by Lufthansa and is currently painted in civilian markings wearing Lufthansa colors. What surprised me was how quickly the Ju-52 could become airborne, and how slow it could fly... you would think it would stall at this low speed, but it kept on chugging along.

    Thanks for sharing these magnificent builds with us... I look forward to seeing more in the future.


  2. This is really nice. I love the paintwork.

  3. I also like the scheme on this one. Excellent build.

  4. Very tidy build and paint scheme.

  5. I really like this. Until now, I didn’t know that Austria had these pre annexation. Beautiful build.

  6. A great build, the paint scheme is fantastic!

  7. Nicely done, exceptional paint job on this kit.

  8. Thanks to all for likes and comments!

  9. out of the ballpark

  10. Very cool camouflage scheme!

  11. Beautifully built and finished, and nice to see the Ju 52 in such unusual markings. Did you have any problems getting the decals to settle over the corrugations?

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