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1/700 USS Baltimore CA-68

January 20, 2020 · in Ships · · 4 Comments

Trumpeter USS (1944)

This is the first ship model I've attempted in some time using all the details (photo-etch, rigging, sea base, etc.). Pretty satisfied with the results but definitely room for improvement.

USS Baltimore in 1944 configuration with the dazzle paint scheme. Added a photo-etch detail set and aftermarket AA gun set (20mm and 40mm) and gun directors. I braided some wire for the anchor chain and custom built the open hanger deck. I wanted to put a plane in there but it seems that the wings don't fold on a Kingfisher so I'm not sure how they got them to fit. Sea base is a colored to represent a nice day in the Pacific Ocean.

Things I learned:

  • should have sprung for brass barrels for the 8" and 5" guns
  • painting and washes are a bit sloppy
  • paint is too uniform
  • needs better in scale rigging
  • plexiglass is hard to deal with, getting it laser cut next time

Hopefully I'll correct these things on my next build.

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4 responses

  1. Looks good Evan! The dazzle looks right, in form and color.. whose paints did you use?
    I have one in my stash, so I appreciate "things I learned" comments.

    Also, who'd you get the Bofors from? The barrels look good!

  2. Thanks! It's Vallejo acrylics. I spent some time finding accurate colors for the camo on the Balti. But I ended up just buying a set of USN colors from AK for the next one.

    Upgraded parts are from Their stuff is really detailed and accurate, and much easier and better looking than photoetch IMO for small guns.

  3. Great work, Evan!

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