Dutch Push´n´Pull...RS Models 1/48 Fokker D-XXIII

January 4, 2020 · in Aviation · · 12 · 1.5K

Built in 2018.
A typical shortrun kit with all its disadvantages, also the plastic didn´t respond good to the plastic glue, for example the left tail boom broke off two times, after the model was painted.
Gunze and Tamiya acrylics used, sadly had once again some problems with frost flakes from the Tamiya XF-86 clear flat.

Build thread here

The was an interesting concept by the Dutch. Only this single prototype was built. The project was cancelled and the prototype destroyed after Germany occupied the Netherlands in 1940.

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  1. Any struggles you had are very well hidden- it looks great! And as always, nice to see something a little unusual. Thanks for the head-on shot: great job on getting everything perfectly aligned.

  2. Cessna found it, turned it upside down and called it the Skymaster! (Actually it does look like it might have influenced the SAAB J21.) I agree with Mike, looks fine and dandy from here. The camo looks nice and crisp and that couldn't have been easy on the tail booms. I guess if any of us build one using CA on all parts would be the order of the day?

  3. The one and only may have not survived. But you may have the one and only that has been built. It is the very first I have ever seen in any scale, And I'm going over my mind, it may be the first time I was even aware of it. Have to agree with Mike, any issues with that boom I don't see where it came apart so we may have never noticed it all, and still I don't see where it broke off. But I don't look for discrepancies any way. I just admire some one with incredible skill and patience to build this super rare model. And the quality is excellent.. Thanks for sharing.

    • I posted one of these back in March '19. You must have missed it.

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

    • Thanks Chuck!
      A rarely sighted model, yes, but they are out there in 1/72 and 1/48 ?
      It´s a wonder it saw the finish line, was sometimes very close to the dustbin. Nowadays my father is more patient than he was in younger years with bad/annoying kits, but sometimes when he “explodes”….lol

  4. Nice work on this. As I mentioned to Chuck, i posted one of these in early '19. Thankfully, I did't have the glue problems you mentioned.

    • Thanks! Yours turned out great too!
      My father uses Tamiya (normal and extra thin), Revell and Faller glue, usually one of them works for every kit. Well, until now it still holds together 🙂

  5. Nicely done, great job!

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