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Fokker Dr.1 Kempf

Eduard 1:48
Aviattic decals

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  1. Beautifully done! I've got one my father stared awhile back, maybe I'll give it a go.

  2. Another excellent result - you inspire me to pull out my 1/32 kit and put those Aviattic Decals i have to use.

  3. David, @mentaldental
    This one checks all the boxes for me ! It's fantastic, and happens to be my second most favorite "Great War" plane... right behind the Fokker D VII. But I have to admit, the Albatros D-III / D- V, and Pfalz D-III planes are right up there too as far as looks go.

    I especially like how you pre-shaded the frame work on the fuselage to represent the welded steel tubing, and the wing ribs on the underside of the wings. This one gets two thumbs up and a great big "liked".

    About two years ago I posted an article on here about how I paint the "Fokker" streaks, in hopes that it might help someone later down the road. Now all we need is for Wingnut Wings to start selling their new tool 1/32 scale Dr-1. That's going to be a license to print money right there ...

    I have one question for you... How did you replicate the stitching where the fuselage fabric is laced together on the underside ? It looks very good by the way.

    • Hi Louis, glad you like it.
      From memory the stitching is a strip of brass PE included in the kit.

      • David - A great result on an iconic machine. I've been working my way through Eduard's Weekend F.1 which will turn up here sooner or later. I suspect the mouldings between your kit and the F.1 are pretty similar (apart fromthe obvious) and I was quite pleased with the way Eduard reproduced the fuselage fabric stitching. On my kit, there's a trough down the underside middle of the fuselage and a matching strip of plastic with the stitching on one side. Once inserted in the trough, it's a much better presentation than hand-botched painted stitches that I'd put on other Triplane models. Well done. Paul

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