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World War I

MkIV MALE 1917

This is the MkIV Male. The mark four had definitely significant improvements from the Mark one. Some of the main improvements were the improved armour and the re sitting of the fuel tank. A total of over 1200 mark four tanks were built [...]

Siemens-Schuckert SSW D.IV

Siemens-Schuckert SSW D.IV ТОКО/Eastern Express 1/72

Fokker D.VII F 5125/18 Hermann Göring

Roden 1/72. Hermann Göring’s Fokker D.VII F 5125/18.

Saint Chamond French WWI Tank 1918

Newest piece for the museum. SAINT CHAMOND was the second French tank to enter the First World War. 400 manufactured between April 1917 to 1918. More of a heavy armoured vehicle, it fitted the description of early tank development. Its [...]

Sopwith Baby 1/32 Lukgraph

This kit represents one of the aircrafts ordered in August 1915 by Sopwith Aviation Company (Kingston on Thames) and whose serial numbers 8123-8186 were powered by a 9-cylinder Clerget rotary engine. Aircraft 8695 was delivered in February [...]

Georges Guynemer 1894-1917

1:32 Dolman Miniatures Oils and acrylics

Austro-Hungarian Zugsfuhrer 1916-1918

Austro-Hungarian Zugsfuhrer 1916-1918 1:10 Model Victoria Oils Nice casting Superb positive fit. Tricky getting a shot under the helmet rim, too much uplight and it looks weird!

WAK 1/33 Albatros Oeffag D.III

Diorama for Nieuport XXIII 1/32

A scene for 1/32 the Nieuport XXIII I proposed earlier (december 2021). Model and mechanic: Copper State Models. Boy: Blackdog.

Eduard Fokker Dr.I, 1/48. Udet's Striped Triplane.

Last year I built a Fokker D.VII, and towards the end of that build I started up on this Fokker Dr.I before putting it down, but I felt the motivation to put some work into it a few weeks ago and got to work! This is Eduard's Fokker Dr.I, [...]