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WAK 1/33 Albatros Oeffag D.III

Diorama for Nieuport XXIII 1/32

A scene for 1/32 the Nieuport XXIII I proposed earlier (december 2021). Model and mechanic: Copper State Models. Boy: Blackdog.

Eduard Fokker Dr.I, 1/48. Udet's Striped Triplane.

Last year I built a Fokker D.VII, and towards the end of that build I started up on this Fokker Dr.I before putting it down, but I felt the motivation to put some work into it a few weeks ago and got to work! This is Eduard's Fokker Dr.I, [...]

Nieuport XXIII from Belgium

This aircraft was flown by Belgian pilot Kervyn de Lettenhove in 1916. He would have shot down 4 confirmed enemy planes and 9 "probable". This the 32-004 Copper State Models kit. Rigging: Modelkasten wire (0.13mm) / Gaspatch [...]

Canadian WWI AutoCar Scratch Built

This is a 8 inch long WWI AutoCar built from pine. This was a new build a couple years ago.

Rolland C.II (Eduard Ritter von Schleich – FFA 2b – March 1916)

Model from WNW. The plane was made out of the box except for the top gun handles, the air duct on top of the cooling system, and the rigging. Propeller and wood effects were done with color pencils and oils. The base was made from [...]

Albatros BII Wingnut Wings 1/32

AVIATTIC decals (ATT32095) for wing fabric. Mix of Proper Plane and Uschi decals for the fuselage wood grain. Wire : Modelkasten 0.13mm Turnbuckles : Gaspatch 1/48 Propeller: watercolor pencils and oils. Tamiya paints.

WNW Ships Camel 2F.1 N6602 HMS. Furious

1:32 Tamiya, Alclad II, printing ink and Vallejo paints Model Kasten rigging Gaspatch 1:48 turnbuckles Duro pitot wires Prop : Oils over acrylic

1/32 scale WnW AEG G.IV (late)

Hi... with some time on my hands this evening, I've finally got around to posting these images of my AEG G.IV. This kit was completed before the start of the 'Imperial German...' group build, so couldn't be included. No matter, this was [...]

WNW Sopwith Camel F1471 "12" 185th Aero Sqn USAS

1:32 Tamiya, Alclad II, printers inks and oils AIMS aerowires Prop : oils over acrylic This livery was applied just Armistice ~ Feb 1919 I made a previous version of this kit that was ruined by incredibly fragile decals, most shattering [...]