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Missing Armada from groups

January 5, 2020 · in Uncategorized · · 9 Comments

What ever happened to the group site for work in progress for floaty things?

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  1. Good question. I have a floaty thing.

  2. It looks like the Water Wings Group Build is missing too. There may be more of them missing, (hope not), but this one was the first one I noticed...

  3. Water wings GB is still on p2, helicopters went with Craig A, and I deleted my motor racing group, to be replaced later !

  4. Guys, this happened over two months ago with Michel Verschuere and Maarten. See here

    Tragic, but there really has not been a resolution nor post from Administration addressing the problem.

    Best option...write your articles/topics in a word document that you can save and keep all of the photographs for the future.

  5. Yes, I found out the hard way, the only option is to either re-write or forget. It seems that the cause was one member owning several groups deleting them when he left the community. It's irreversible as I understand, don't think there was any back-up to be honest.

  6. I guess the best solution would be, that only moderators/administrators have the ability to create new groups. Thus, any member is responsible only for his own threads, but can't delete others works.

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