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I don’t recall if all 3 models came in the same box, nor do I remember who made these 3 kits, plus the little fish. 1998 is a long time for me to [email protected] 88.6 yrs old!

The base was made by using some more “Plaster-of-Paris.” The look-alike water is Future Floor Wax. I pour in a litter bit at a time, then waited a day and pour in some more, etc. The jungle type of material came from my wife’s plants out in our front yard when we lived in San Jose, CA/USA. Additional vegetation came from one of my spare parts boxes.

I used both of Waldron’s punch-sets for the 3 “dinos” including an eye for the fish.

I used Tamiya paints and I applied the black stripes on the two small orange colored animals with one of my small pointed paint brushes.

One more dinosaur coming!


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3 responses to “triceratops”

  1. Great diorama, those Dinos look very realistic

  2. They look extremely jurassic! Thanks for sharing, Rodney!

  3. Thanks everyone: I found my photo’s of “REAL DINOSAUR” tracks on the northeast corner of the Native American Navajo Reservation. A local Navajo Tour guide takes you to the area where the foot tracks were left in the mud and somehow over time turned into solid sand-stone type of hard rock that has weathered the annual weather conditions. Today we get “rain, snow, hot and cold weather” in this area of the west, yet the dinosaur’s foot prints are still visible. I paid USD$20.00 to my guide to go see the tracks and now you get to see them for “FREE.

    3 attached images. Click to enlarge.

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