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Short and Long Range Radio Antennas in IJN I-400 Submarines

There are very few photos of these types of antennas, and most show different styles that are not on the same subs. Some are actual photos with one style and others are artists conceptions of others that may be. So, the big question are there any photos that show ALL the appropriate photos or better still a schematic that does. This will understandably be looking for those “Hens teeth “, but something must have survived the purge on all documents by the IJN high command? Thanks for any brain busting that you accomplish positive or negative. Dave St.

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  1. This is considered the definitive book on the I-400 class:

    The long-range HF antennas are the ones that are going to look roughly like the center horizontal array in this drawing:
    HF radio waves are very long, so the antennas are very long and will generally run the length of the sub. They'd be erected on masts, with a feed wire in the center and running down into the conning tower. They'd be stowed the majority of the time.

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