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At 78 and pushing 79 my hobby interests began in the mid 1940’s with an all wood piper cub and red and yellow “ Dope “ paint. I can still smell the stuff. ,y father and I then graduated to balsa wood and paper gliders launched with really long rubber bands. Then came solid fuel “rocket “ motors attached to whatever would fly. And finally in the early 60’s plastic models, mostly ships. Since then it’s been a dream and some collecting but nothing built. Families can get to be very demanding. I’ve given away my N scale railway collection and some models to my grandchildren and daughter-in-law. What’s next? I’m slowly, very slowly, collecting what’s needed to build the IJN I-400, Yamato, the Admiral Graf Spee, the Titanic and several AVRO Arrows along with the B-47 test bed for the Arrow’s Mach 2+engines. As for stuff about me, just the usual, work, family, kid, grandchildren, very short service in RCAF reserves until unification wiped that out and retirement. The usual stuff.

I’ll get to glueing stuff when I’ve collected as much data and aftermarket parts as I can, and then see what happens.

Short and Long Range Radio Antennas in IJN I-400 Submarines

There are very few photos of these types of antennas, and most show different styles that are not on the same subs. Some are actual photos with one style and others are artists conceptions of others that may be. So, the big question are [...]