Video: SWEET 1:144 Mitsubishi A6M2b Zero (Motorized) -New Audio-

April 22, 2020 · in How-to · · 571

This video is dedicated to: Jeremy Howison-Haworth. Who supplied this kit, in the attempt that it would get me back into Japanese aircraft (It did by the way)

This was a project I'd been planning since last summer, and I finally got things together to just get to it and get it done. I was really worried that the majority of the footage would be out of focus, but to my delight and surprise that only happened a few times. So I apologize for that, they are after all 1:144th scale. I hope you enjoy this video.


Kevin Macleod -

-Eastern Thought
-Drone in D
-Organic Meditations

Oculus -

  • Koto -Japanese Hip Hop Instrumental
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