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"Jinx 13" P-40K 25th FS, 51st. FG, Assam Valley India 1944, Vista 1/72.

July 22, 2020 · in Aviation · · 17 Comments

I've been wanting to do this scheme ever since i saw it Squadrons In Action book. Awhile back there was debates going on whether it was an accurate scheme or not, the general thought was that it was not and that it was probably in the standard O.D. Why would they paint one plane in such an unusual scheme anyway, makes sense. then why would they paint a P-40F black and red{325th FG in the MTO]. Enough silliness, I just liked the scheme. Hey it could've been a precursor to today's tactical schemes.

The kit is from a company called , the kit was later reboxed by .

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17 responses

  1. Anything with teeth is cool. Never heard of Vista, but you did a great job on building a small kit.

  2. Nicely done Robert, looks good, watch out it doesn't bite you !

  3. The 325th painted the black and red P-40 because it belonged to the group commander. RHIP.

    Nice work on this, though it has been confirmed the airplane really was OD/NG.

    • What was the definitive conformation? Most of what I found was speculation.@tcinla.

      • I think that his comment is also based on speculation and not based on actual facts. If what he says is true and he can provide us with some evidence to back up his comments, that would really be fantastic. That way we could all learn something new that was factual.

        Until then your guess is as good as anyone else’s.

  4. Great scheme for this P40.
    Never saw these long incisors before.

  5. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Nice work Robert. This one will really stick out in your collection.

  6. Love those fangs. Even if it was green instead of grey it will definately stand out in any collection.

  7. Lovely job on this little kit, Robert!

  8. Fine collection of P-40's in my favourite scale.

  9. Your P-40 looks fantastic Robert ! I like how it looks in the gray color. Those fangs look quite deadly too ! It’s very hard to distinguish exactly what color it was when you’re relying on an illustration or an artist’s conception on how it could have looked when it was in service. Once it’s been placed into operation anything is possible. Who really knows what color it was ? It’s next to impossible to figure it out when you have to rely on a black and white picture to figure out what it “could” have been.

    I like what you have done here and I pressed the “liked” button too. You did a great job with your P-40 and it looks fantastic sitting with the other ones you have built.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful plane with us. One cannot have too many P-40’s.

    • Thanks Louis,There were color photo's of Jinx that I found in the limited research that I was able to do, I think the question was whether they were colorized from b&w, or that color processing that was used made it look grey.
      I think I have as many P-40's as i have Phantoms now. That black and red P-40L [last photo] would be an interesting build if there were decals to be had.@lgardner.

  10. Nice Work Robert, and a nice collection of P-40's too.

  11. One of the best looking A/C to have teeth or fangs painted on it's nose. Nicely done Robert.

  12. Good looking Warhawk, and I like the scheme also!

  13. Robert @roofrat, being deep into Bf 109's I can tell you that it is a wierd and wonderful world out there regarding colors used. I know that 109's are probably over the top in this regard, but really, why not a P-40 in grey. The RDAF is in the process of painting one of their Olive T-17's in a silver and day-glo scheme, and an F-16 will get F-35 wannabe colors in celebration of their 70th year.

    Great choice, and pay no attention to those telling you it is wrong, as long as there is speculation there is the choice, and being your plane, you decide.

    I love the colors and the fact that you brought it outside for pictures in the sun - well done!

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