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Ten different scale airline models

I like building airline models because there usually no cockpit to build.

My paint was by Tamiya and I used the kit decals, except on my Polynesian's DC-3 airliner. The "VALUE" price was for my special insurance.


9 additional images. Click to enlarge.

5 responses

  1. Nice group! I especially like that DC-3..."perty" bird!

  2. Great builds of great birds, Rodney! A joy to watch!

  3. Nice work, Rodney. Love that TWA Mad Dog!

  4. I met a real mad dog once, who use to chase me on my bike while I delivered the daily newspaper. One day I jumped off the bike and we went round and round and he bit me a couple of times. I finally got his ear in my mouth and shook my head. His ear started bleeding, and he was screaming. I let him go and he ran back to his house. For several more years, all he did was sit on the wood in front of the door and wag his tail when I came up and put the paper next to him.

    You bite me and I'll bite you back.

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