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Italeri 1/72 RF-4E Phantom II, Hellenic Air Force

Hi everyone!

This is my fast build that I offered as a gift to a friend of mine some days ago.

You can read the full build article following the link below (at my beloved site M2), if you so wish:

Thanks for watching, my good friends.

Happy modeling!

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  1. Beautiful jet and work Spiros. Impressive for a fast build. I hope to live up to that !
    I saw lots of West-German Phantoms while manoeuvring during the Cold War. What an animal of a plane..Memories..
    Be well in Greece.

  2. Hi Spiros, well done on this one mate I like it, I love the wrap around camo ,I know from experience that it's tricky to do.

  3. Beautiful build Spiros, nice airbrush work for such a small scale.
    First time I have seen an F4 in such a dark scheme, but I have to say that it looks great.

    • Thanks @JohnB! Praise my Revell Vario (at "fine" settings) and my Badger 100SG for the pencil thickness feathering.
      I have to admit I love Norm83 camo. The German RF-4s(and F-4s) sported some other interesting camos too (I think some were "experimental").
      All the best!

  4. Nice job, Spiros. I like the bright roundels on the German camo. I built that kit in the 80s as an Alabama ANG RF-4C.

    • Thanks @j-healy! I love this combination too, the latter dark blue ones literally disappearing in the dark camo.
      Do you still have your RF? If so, please share us some pics!
      All the best!

      • I do still have it. It’s pretty tatty now but I’ll take a pic when I get home. I’m away for a bit now, Spiros.

      • Low and behold, I did have a photo in my library. I think I built this in ‘86 or ‘87. The gray scheme was new on F-4s at the time.

        1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  5. I thought this looked familiar, great looking Phantom!

  6. Nice one, Spiros; love those colors!

  7. Another beauty Spiros. Tough looking bird, the F4. Yours looks appropriately menacing in that dark camo. Bravo!

  8. This is one STUNNING Phantom! I like Phantoms in dark colours. It adds to the menacing look of an F-4. Well done!

  9. Spiros, @fiveten

    This is an amazing build ! It looks fantastic, and I congratulate you on your first published article over there at M2. I saw it yesterday morning...I enjoy reading what others have to say over there, but so far I have not joined up. The F-4 is my favorite modern jet, and I often dreamed of flying one as a child... (like many did who are my age). Your paint work looks flawless, and I enjoyed reading the story behind the build. You persevered and won the battle, with missing parts and all. That says something great about you... I'll bet your friend was shocked when you presented this to him as a gift. Well done !

    • Hi Louis @lgardner!

      M2 is the site I discovered back in 2001, upon reentering the hobby after a 10 year pause. I loved it and became addicted to it, our love lasting till today (and growing stronger!).

      The RF gave a permanent smile at my friend's face!

      I persevered the build because, for maybe a bizarre reason, I believe that every kit deserves to be built. For the camo praise my Badger 100SG (as finishing tight liner!).

      Glad you like it, my friend!

      All the best!

  10. Looks great Spiros - you know I love Phantoms, and 1/72 scale as well! I'll get to my Greek Phantom soon... (still putting on all those dang-blasted dry stencils on the EJ Kai...)

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