Italeri/Hasegawa Mc 205 Veltro

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Hello, fellas!

Hope you all are alright and safe during this difficult period. I've been working from home for 7 weeks now, just a little touch of cabin fever - cured with a daily cold beer and some modeling!

Here is my attempt at 's . It is reboxed by with a giant decal sheet with 6 options - 3 with smoke rings and 3 Luftwaffe style. The smoke rings are provided in the decal sheet, too.

Looking at the decals, I decided I wouldn't yellow out and opted for the color scheme you see here. There's a nice wasp cartoon character nose art to go with it. These decals are very easy to apply and the instructions even tell you were to add them on the airframe, which keeps things pleasant to the eye. There was zero silvering, but of course you can see decal film if you look closely. This downside is more than compensated by how great they look: there's even a bit of “overspray” represented. Also, there's no leftover film in decals that should go on corners, so they also fit very nicely on their designated locations. I spent some 4 or 5 sessions applying the decals, and allowing some time to Set/Sol work their magic, which they did. This is an interesting - if a bit work intensive - alternative if you do not own a good quality airbrush, which is my case. I could never reproduce this with my cheap chinese knockoffs and limited airbrushing skills, that's for sure!

Italeri may not always deliver the greatest kits, but their work on this reboxing is worth the praise. Interestingly, it is a licensed product - to the italian air force; I presume they hold the rights to the aircraft.

The kit is well known, a sweet build without any problems. The Macchi fighters look really good and I guess it was a good thing the italian industry couldn't build more of them.

As always, thanks for looking and all feedback is welcome.

Stay safe, fellas! Cheers!

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  1. Very nice Thiago I built this kit and the original Hasegawa kit together and for some reason the Italeri kit had a better fit. I agree with you about the smoke ring decals, they really look the part

    • Thanks, George! Interesting that you noticed that: I often wonder if the wear of the molds has anything to do with it...perhaps, before detail and outline is lost, if it actually reaches a “midlife” stage that renders a better fit. Who knows?

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    Walt said on May 5, 2020

    Nice work, I have yet to build an Italian Job, but they do have some pretty planes. You did a nice job on yours, good paint work. I really like the smoke ring paint scheme, and yours looks great.

  3. That's a great model, Thiago! Paint scheme is super and I loved the smoke ring implementation.
    All the best!

  4. I did turn out looking fantastic! I may have to look for similar 1/72 decals on my next Italian build as the result is really excellent.

    • Thank you, Greg! Some years ago I recall reading about Mike Grant releasing smoke ring decals, but I’m not sure if they are still available. Maybe ebay is worth checking out!

  5. Beautiful work on a beautiful plane!

  6. You can't help but love the look of that airplane; great job!

  7. Great build! Great execution of the camo. I just built this kit, and posted it 2 weeks ago!...I couldn't agree with you more of the build quality of the kit, and great subject matter.

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