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M4A4 Sherman w/60LB rockets

May 2, 2020 · in Armor · · 13 Comments

kit 6041 which spent much time in the stash before finally getting built. One of the issues with this early release Dragon kit is the lower hull is about 5-6mm too long. It's a fairly simple fix; get out the razor saw and remove 5mm from the rear of the lower hull, this moves the rear plate with idlers to a more accurate position for the variant. M4A4's are usually seen with straight return rollers on the bogies, the kit supplies the upswept roller arms. This issue was fixed by using a Formations resin bogie set. I also used a resin nose made by Chesapeake Model Designs, not that the kit parts were bad but the Chesapeake part was cool, and it was sitting in my parts box. For the most part, the rest of the kit was built from the box. Thanks for hanging around to view this Shermie!

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13 responses

  1. Tanks aren’t my favourite model subject but still I can’t help admiring those that are presented here often, and a Sherman with rockets is definitely not your everyday AFV menu. Damm good model sir!

  2. Great job on your Sherman, Curt. You have done just the amount and quality of weathering that looks right to my eye. What techniques do you use? Nice details on the rockets (stenciling), which really makes them look like the real thing. A realistic finish is important when many might erroneously think this was a "what-if" configuration. I wonder what the success rate was in the use of rockets with armor and whether they were ever used against another tank (or maybe formation of tanks). Anyway, I really like the look of your model. Did you do the stowage yourself or is it resin? It looks great.

    • Thank you Colin! There are multiple weathering techniques applied. It starts with several shades of OD for paint, followed by an oil paint filter to tie the shades together. After that, there is paint chipping (by sponge), oil paint "dot" filters, enamel panel line washes, oil paint speckling effects, dullcote, then pigments were used for mud/dust effects. That's the basics of the weathering. The stowage was pieced together with various loose resin parts, and covered with a tarp made from facial tissue. Those rockets would put a serious hurt on their target...that is if they were lucky enough to hit their target!

  3. All right, you've decided to come aboard, Curt! I love this model, man!

  4. A Guards (Coldstream) Armoured Division rocket tank! Now that’s a rare subject. Welcome Curt.

  5. Nice! A unique build, and welcome aboard.

  6. That's a fantastic job, Curt! Weathering is outstanding!
    Welcome aboard!

  7. Nicely done Curt, nice to see a tank that's rarely if ever seen. Welcome aboard.

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