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Mirage 2000 egm 1/48 kinetic

May 3, 2020 · in Aviation · · 15 · 2.7K
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  1. The weathering and the worn paint effect is very convincing without going over the edge. The size comparison with the F-16 is a neat touch

  2. Working with Mirage 2000s since 1988. If I recall well, 220 arrived at Tanagra (114) AFB sometime around 1990. I was fortunate enough to know this lady since she was in her infancy.

    I have seen a lot of Mirage 2000 models. This is undoubtely the best of all Τάσο! 220 definitely looks like this! Everything is spot-on, including weathering and various vents "dirtying/sooting/oiling" outlets. You have even replicated the MLG main doors partially locked, as they are in reality with the aircraft parked!

    I am deeply amazed.


  3. This is a winner from every angle! The weathering is spot on and adds to the realism aspect. The paint finish is very realistic! Well done!

  4. good job and interesting color scheme


  5. Thank you for the nice comments

  6. I like this a lot. It "looks real" and having Spiros score that is nice. The paint work is super.

  7. Perfect finish for a pair of well-worn modern jets. The airbrush work, both in the camouflage and weathering is remarkable subtle. I find the Greek AF colour scheme very harmonious to the eye. The Mirage and F-16 are equally gorgeous. I am surprised by how delicate the Mirage looks compared to he F-16. I never thought of the F-16 as a large aircraft but is makes the Mirage look lighter by comparison.

    • Hi Colin @coling!

      Mirages always looked "delicate", a delicacy implemented in every part of their design. It was really amazing to read the first two Greek pilots impressions when they had to fly a Mirage (the F-1) for the first time in France as part of their training. They were impressed by this delicacy, especially in the cockpit, where not only the various switches were smaller than the ones they were used to, but also the cockpit seemed more cramped. In reality, they understood the cockpit was "hugging" them in such a way that the plane was an extension of their body.

      All the best!

  8. Impressive build mate! Nicely weathered!

  9. Wow - that is a stand-out! Love the paint and weathering.

  10. Very impressive! Congrats!
    Would you care to tell us about the kit itself? I had a bad experience with the kinetic Mirage IIIe, having very poor fitting at some areas. Is this one better? Thanks

  11. The kit have a lot of fitting problems, I think it's so bad as Mirage iii is.

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