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Origami Observation......Empire of Japan Group Build

After numerous small challenges and delays I present my first group build completion...

A Yokosuka E14 Y-1 "Glen" "Folding Floatplane". Little known even in dedicated WW2 aviation circles, this aircraft was notable for being stuffed into a tube on the forward deck of a Japanese class I- 400 submarine and assembled to be launched by catapult, and recovered by a crane after landing (hopefully in calm seas) next to the ship and folded up to be "re-packaged " into it's grotto again. I would think it would be better remembered as it was the only Japanese aircraft to bomb mainland U.S.A.

My machine is marked as the aircraft which flew over Pearl Harbour a week after the Japanese attack to do damage assessments.

The MPM kit is a gem ,however somewhat limited in injection molded detail as it is a vintage 1996 kit of low-pressure limited run status. The details are therefore catered to with photo-etch (which I am notoriously inexperienced with). The plastic was brittle as well which led to some of my construction problems.

Sometimes I resort to sticking my floatplanes on a peg ,if only because I am too lazy to build a beaching trolley. I never saw a picture of one of these on land anyway...

7 additional images. Click to enlarge.

9 responses

  1. Nicely done! You don't see this modeled that often, except in 1/700 or 1/350 on a submarine model.

  2. Well done Phillip, have never seen one of these. I like it.

  3. Nice build Philip.
    What a weird location of the antenna (I assume it is one).

  4. Great job, Phillip, of such a rarely seen kit built.
    Your Glen looks amazing and adds special flavor to this Group Build.
    I love your base too and (that's personal), I love your workshop photo background.
    All the best!

  5. Well Philip, the EOJ GB has thrown up some incredible subjects, but this one is absolutely unique - what an incredible concept. Great build, great scheme and a brilliant piece of history!

  6. gorgeous little gem

  7. First build of this kit I have seen. Well done.

  8. Philip, @phillyhipower
    I just noticed this was posted in the headlines section. Lots of models have been posted on here recently, and in the blink of an eye your article is on the second page. I am very impressed with how this little plane turned out. It looks fantastic ! Two thumbs up my friend, and I pressed the "liked" button too.

    Thanks for participating in our ever growing Empire of Japan group build.

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