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The First "Bulldog"

Another busy roadbuilding season is at an end and my "essential worker" status is on hold until spring, therefore it is back to the modelling studio for a few months. I present to you my very first paid "commission [...]

Origami Observation......Empire of Japan Group Build

After numerous small challenges and delays I present my first group build completion... A Yokosuka E14 Y-1 "Glen" "Folding Floatplane". Little known even in dedicated WW2 aviation circles, this aircraft was notable for [...]

A Real "SAAB" Story

Greetings from Canada! This is my latest project , the SAAB B-17-BS Maritime reconnaisance floatplane. It was originally conceived as a dive bomber and I have always liked it's good looks and have regarded it as a Nordic [...]

The first "Carrier"

Greetings all! This is an effort I completed as an entry in a contest category celebrating the 100 year anniversary of WW1 events back in 2017. This unpowered vessel was a converted Royal Navy seaplane lighter (A flying boat would land [...]

The Classy Curtiss

I built this Academy 72nd scale kit during a 24hr. club build. I wanted to choose something from the "man cave stash from hell" that I figured would fit well and would be convincing with solely what came in the box,just to keep [...]