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Paint equilavency chart – free download

May 31, 2020 · in Uncategorized · 10 · 2K

Some things are simply outstanding...and FREE! This is true about the Vallejo paint company's "Equivalency " chart. Like many modellers, I am always looking-up paint equivalents, mainly so I can use some paint that I have on-hand, rather than buying new. So, it's always nice to know what brand of paint matches-up with another. This is especially true when trying to match up colors from various countries, wars, and era's. Sometimes, it simply nice to know, for example, that such-and-such a country's WWI color is the same (or similar) to, say another country's desert camo color. Well, such a product exists in the form of Vallejo's "Equivalent Values" chart, which is a free, 20 page publication, available for on-line download. This Vallejo product matches-up colors from: Federal Standard, RLM, RAL, Citadel, Gunze, Humbrol, Life Color, Revell, Tamiya, Testor's, Model Air, and Game Color, and some that I've missed. The colors mentioned in the lists of colors are applicable to every genre of modelling, so the charts are useful for armor-builders, and gamers, alike.

I know that there are other such charts available, on-line, and for free, but this Vallejo product is simply outstanding. With that, of course, I have not checked every color/paint equivalent that is presented in the chart, but the ones I have used are pretty close. The publication is in its fifth revision, so its updated regularly to keep relevence.

Take a few moments are check out this document, by typing "Vallejo Equivalent Values" (minus the parentheses) into a search engine.
This is not an advertisement for Vallejo, or its products; it is simply one modellers advice to others.

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  1. Cheers mate, I’ll check that out.
    I normally just mix my colours in the airbrush... but sometimes the end product isn’t why I had originally envisaged.

  2. Thanks for sharing this with us... I'll definitely keep this in mind for future builds.

  3. Great and helpful post Marvin, thanks for sharing!

  4. Besides the equivalency charts, Vallejo also has charts listing the proper colors..."Historical Color Reference Guide".

    • Thanks, Tom: That's a great find, and a perfect companion to the equivalency chart. Vallejo has done us all a favor by doing the color research, and then making the data available to us. Thanks again.

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