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Lives in Central California. Builds mostly 1/48th scale.

Paint equilavency chart – free download

Some things are simply outstanding...and FREE! This is true about the Vallejo paint company's "Equivalency " chart. Like many modellers, I am always looking-up paint equivalents, mainly so I can use some paint that I have [...]

Trumpeter Sukhoi Su-9, 1/48th Scale

This is the Trumpeter Sukhoi Su-9 "Fishpot-B', done in 1/48th scale. The model is OOB, except for Brassin AA-1 "Alkali" missiles. The model was painted with Alclad Aluminum paint, and finished with Metalizer sealer. The [...]

U-2A, AFV Club

AFV Club is well-known for their excellent armor kits, so I was pleased to find that AFV Club now is making some aircraft kits, too. AFV Club has released kits of the early U-2 series, like the kind flown by Francis Powers, during his [...]

Sukhoi Su-15TM “Flagon F”, Trumpeter 1/48th

Here is a backburner kit that has been rescued due to the on-going panic and hysteria that is gripping the nation, and indeed, the world. So, with plenty of time to finish stalled projects, I have rescued this Trumpeter Su-15TM. This is [...]

Wingwalk Stripes – Painted

I am building the AFV Club U-2A, which has very prominent wingwalk stripes on the wings. I have Cutting Edge decals that include wingwalk stripes, so, after painting and glossing, the wingwalk stripes were applied. First, I noticed that [...]

Heller Boeing PanAm B707-321

This is the big Heller Boeing B707-321, in 1/72nd scale, done with 26 decals. The kit comes with Air France livery decals, but the 26 Pan Am decals were available, so I used them. The kit itself is so-so, and is made from some very weird [...]

Big Heller Lockheed Constellation

This is the Heller Lockheed Constellation, in 1/72nd scale. The model is big, with a length of about 22 inches, and a span of about the same. Not only is the kit big, I added a bunch of weight in the nose, making the model nose-heavy and [...]

Nichimo "Jake" with Lone Star Models Conversion

I have had the Nichimo Aichi E13A1 "Jake" in the stash for a long time, and finally got around to building it when I found a Lone Star Models conversion. The Nichimo kit is one of those old kits that was designed to have a [...]

The Wayback Machine: “Old School” Revell Yak-25

Over a decade before the Eagle had landed, Revell was selling plastic kits that came with a stand, so the model could be mounted. You all remember these stands; they came with a representation of the Earth, molded on the inside of the [...]

Yak-28P Firebar, 1/48th

During the 1960's, the Soviet Union's interceptor force was a very interesting mix of aircraft, which included the Yakovlev Yak-28 Firebar. The Yak-28 was part of the Soviet Union's air defense component, or PVO (Protivovozdooshnaya [...]