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F 4 Phantom Group Build

My contribution for the group build will be 's F 4B dressed up in Vagabond decals for VF 84's SEA 1965 cruise. Eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Aires cockpit set to add some spice to an excellent kit.

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  1. Excellent choice, but beware - the landing gear assembly/installation can be a bug-a-boo if you're not careful.

  2. Looks like a great choice! I remember the 40+ hours I spent stenciling my Foxhound... in 1/72 no less!

  3. Hi Morne,

    This is my weapon of choice for the group build too. Interesting to hear Craigs comments on its fit.

    I intend doing it as it comes from the box, the VF111 markings are what made me buy it in the first place. I,m changing the undercarriage for a SAC metal set, purely because I do this on most of my models, as they travel for shows etc. it makes them that much more robust.

    I,m also including a set of Aerobonus crew on ejector seats, just so i don,t have to spend a lot of time on the cockpit.

    I hear you on the decals, but my bugbear is making vast amounts of ordnance, and this thing drips with them...!

  4. Nice kit. I, however, gave mine away. Don't ask why, all I can say is I wasn't in my right mind.

  5. I really enjoyed building my VF 84 Phantom, I bet yours will turn out great. I can't wait to start 2nd Academy kit. Much like how I had to make up markings for VF 84 206, I am now going to have to come up with 204 for my Sundowner build. Just can't bring myself to do 201 like everyone else 🙂

    • VF 111 and VF 84 are my favourite Phantom markings by far. I have a Demon, Cougar and Phantom planned for VF 84. My 1/48 Hasegawa F4B will get the VF 111 markings to go with my VF 111 F8E Crusader. I am sure your Sundowner Phantom will look awesome!

  6. It's certainly going to be a colourful group build!

  7. Picked up mine today. The Revell 1/72 F4F Phantom LL. Might be a while. 103 parts and revell skill level 3. When you've only done Airfix ww2 fighters this will be my biggest challenge yet. Hope it's worthy of a picture at the end. Wish me luck guys.

  8. Great project, Morne. The cockpit is underway.

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