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F 4 Phantom Group Build

My contribution for the group build will be Academy’s F 4B dressed up in Vagabond decals for VF 84’s SEA 1965 cruise. Eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Aires cockpit set to add some spice to an excellent kit.

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20 responses to F 4 Phantom Group Build

  1. Excellent choice, but beware – the landing gear assembly/installation can be a bug-a-boo if you’re not careful.

  2. Looks like a great choice! I remember the 40+ hours I spent stenciling my Foxhound… in 1/72 no less!

  3. Hi Morne,
    This is my weapon of choice for the group build too. Interesting to hear Craigs comments on its fit.
    I intend doing it as it comes from the box, the VF111 markings are what made me buy it in the first place. I,m changing the undercarriage for a SAC metal set, purely because I do this on most of my models, as they travel for shows etc. it makes them that much more robust.
    I,m also including a set of Aerobonus crew on ejector seats, just so i don,t have to spend a lot of time on the cockpit.
    I hear you on the decals, but my bugbear is making vast amounts of ordnance, and this thing drips with them………….!

    • Maybe it was just me…I’ve seen others built with no adverse comments made….and others that DO complain about certain fit issues – that’s why I said to just be wary before committing any glue to it. Jus’ sayin’….

    • A Phantom fully loaded for war is a magnificent sight!!! I can’t seem to find any photos on the net depicting weapons loads for the VF 84 F 4B I want to build. I assume a typical load would be as depicted on the Academy box art. . Still have to do more research!!

  4. Nice kit. I, however, gave mine away. Don’t ask why, all I can say is I wasn’t in my right mind.

  5. I really enjoyed building my VF 84 Phantom, I bet yours will turn out great. I can’t wait to start 2nd Academy kit. Much like how I had to make up markings for VF 84 206, I am now going to have to come up with 204 for my Sundowner build. Just can’t bring myself to do 201 like everyone else 🙂

    • VF 111 and VF 84 are my favourite Phantom markings by far. I have a Demon, Cougar and Phantom planned for VF 84. My 1/48 Hasegawa F4B will get the VF 111 markings to go with my VF 111 F8E Crusader. I am sure your Sundowner Phantom will look awesome!!!

  6. It’s certainly going to be a colourful group build!

  7. Picked up mine today. The Revell 1/72 F4F Phantom LL. Might be a while. 103 parts and revell skill level 3. When you’ve only done Airfix ww2 fighters this will be my biggest challenge yet. Hope it’s worthy of a picture at the end. Wish me luck guys.

  8. Great project, Morne. The cockpit is underway.

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