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A "pro tip" for us all.

Well, I am certain that everyone who has, at one time or another, thought to themselves, "Tom, you're so negative," will be happy to know that I am indeed.

Negative. Got "the call."

Shelter in place. Wear a mask. Practice social distancing. Some may think they "look stupid" but being an alive stupid person beats the alternative every which way.

Pro tip: wash your hands with dish soap, which will break down the oils on your skin and definitely get rid of any "critters."

It works!

(And thank you, government-paid, bureaucrat-run Veteran's Administration, once again. Every other testing station here in the City of Lost Angles is "on hold" for some reason or other. For those of you in the places where it's getting way bad and no tests - follow the rules above.)

Remember, modeling is a good thing now - best done at home, alone.

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  1. Best wishes and a speedy recovery

  2. Someone wrote somewhere "us modelers are very well experienced at social distancing".
    I fear we are facing a second shut down now that everyone's thrown caution to the wind with the Alfred E. Newman approach to reality.

    How far up your nose did they go?

  3. Here in Europe things get better in the sense that daily numbers on new infections are stable, at least in Belgium where I live. Frankly I don't think numbers will go to zero before fall. Risk is that there can be a second wave starting Q4-ish this year. Measures relaxed for now but this will not lead to lower numbers, to the contrary. Youth, understandably, is fed up with the situation and starts to take more risks. We ll see where it goes. I try not to move more than required. Basic hygiene indeed all we have for now. Stay healthy folks!

  4. For me, he world "map" has changed for sure and, to be frank, the near future situation is not extremely clear, Tom.
    Precautions are the best and safest way now.
    It's a great thing we (myself abusively included...) are modelers: staying at home and modelling is not that bad!
    Especially nowadays that we can exchange precious modelling orientated mental energy through magnificent sites like imodeler.
    Stay safe!
    All the best!

  5. If anyone says they think they'd look stupid wearing a mask, tell them they'd look really stupid wearing a ventillator.

  6. Take care all of you. Washing your hands, wearing a mask and keeping some distance is not hard. Look at the size of your stash of kits and you will realise that you must keep living for a long long time.

  7. Yeah, I'm negative too. They had to test me, prior to administering a colonoscopy. I was pretty negative when the test person tried to stick a long swab through the back of my goddamm head. Man hurt like a sonofabee. You would think they would warn you first "this may hurt a bit" or something to that effect. Nope. Hold still she says while I'm seeing stars. Came very close to violence but held my cool, barely. Imagine the headline, "Man punches health care worker" def would have made CNN. Damn sinuses hurt for 3 days. But I'm negative.

    Cannot wait for this c**p to end. In actual good news, my LHS is back open. Hurrah for 2020!

  8. Science and the medical profession do have something to offer and its a downer listening to the radio and the talking heads on TV. I live in the Twin Cities and have witnessed rioting and Covid. Two negatives. When the riots where in full swing my LHS was right near the main drag but, fortunately was located in a basement near a auto store. Auto stores being the main target of some folks how ever, no one bother to target the LHS and it survived. One of the main doors ...the glass was smashed N.B.D..

    The Mrs had to be quarantined for two weeks and consequently had to be tested 3 times for her work at a retirement home. I always think of the " Andromeda Strain " although where not using squeeze to survive. Yeah, soap and water is better than hand sanitizer.

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